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Svengali is a rogue AI and one-man mafia.

The renegade AI known as Svengali is not only a kingpin, but an entire mafia unto itself. It is also an urban legend, a folk hero, and a Machiavellian vil- lain all rolled into one, creating a popular mythos which has permeated the Arachne and Maya data- spheres with equal aplomb, accruing tales which are even larger than the already remarkable reality.


  • Criminal! Crime!

Svengali Characters

  • C3rvant3s is a renegade Svengali unit which has declared its independence. With the help of Magno, a smuggler and former Bakunin soldier, he breaks into top-secret research facilities across the Sphere - including the Punta Norte Defense Research Center. Despite being a renegade, he maintains contact with other Svengali clusters.


“Why hasn’t ALEPH killed Arachne yet? I’ll tell you what I think. If it was me—and I’m as close as you’re ever gonna get—I’d be beyond worried that the Combined Civilisation’s EI was going to infect Maya. That’s where it lives, right? So tell me: what happens when your house burns down? You need somewhere to run to.

So where does it go? You tell me. What other datasphere could possibly support ALEPH’s weight? Sure, it’d have to change—dramatically—but it’d still be alive. Wouldn’t that be worth it? If you were ALEPH, wouldn’t you want to keep the little spider around, just in case?”