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The snowball of discord. It is so distant from its star that its freezing temperatures make life nigh impossible save between its tropics. Despite the extreme climate, Svalarheima is a coveted piece of real estate due to the abundance of resources, particularly Teseum. PanOceania is engaged in constant conflict with Yu Jing for control of the exploitable areas, of which it currently controls two thirds to Yu Jing’s one third. Svalarheima is not a popular tourist destination due to its drab, snow-covered landscapes, its functional, industrial- looking towns and its status as a contested land always on the brink of an open confrontation between the superpowers.[1]

Planet Statistics

Distance from Star: 0.95 AU

Orbital Revolution: 402 days

Rotation: 22 hours

Radius: 1,65 Earth radius

Surface Gravity: 1.6 g

Planet Data File

Type of government: Lobby Democracy (Svalarheima) / Planetary Tribunal (Huangdi)

Head of government: Prime Minister (Svalarheima) / Imperial Representative and Party Representative (Huangdi)

Capital: Odinheim (Svalarheima) / Shidong (Huangdi)

Population of Planet: 400 million

Off-Planet System Population: 0.5 million

Main Languages: SvalarNorse, German, Spanish, Yu Jingese

Main Industries: Mining, Smelting, Defense



Yu Jing