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Starter boxes - either the traditional 6 model ones, the newer two-player sets or the army/action boxes - are the best way of getting started with a faction in Infinity. Often they include one or more miniatures that were never available separately in a box or blister.

Since the launch of N4, groups of models have been released in Expansion Packs, Booster Packs, Support Packs, Fireteam Packs and Reinforcement boxes of 3 to 6 models, typically designed to supplement a new collection. These are all documented on the respective faction pages.

Two Player Operations Boxes

PanOceania Boxes

Yu Jing Boxes

Ariadna Boxes

Haqqislam Boxes

Nomad Boxes

Combined Army Boxes

Aleph Boxes

Tohaa Boxes

O12 Boxes

Non-Aligned Boxes