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In the desperate beginnings of Corregidor, when this prison-ship-turned-refugee-camp needed to ob-tain funds from anywhere possible to survive, the idea of renting its work force to every possible field came up. So, under the command of the famous Juan Sarmiento, the Mexican General, its population of ex-guerillas, security agents, hit men, freedom-fighters, and headhunters was retrained into a leading mercenary force. This was the origin of the Star Company, the most famous private military company of the Human Sphere.

The Free Company of the Star, or StarCo to abbreviate, conceived as an external financial resource of the Corregidor Jurisdictional Command, is proud of the professionalism of its members. Only a few in the mercenary market can compete against this company in terms of effectiveness and precision. However, the feature for which it is really appreciated is the value of their word, because even if things go off the rails, the StarCo always keeps it.[1]


Below is a list of units which are available to this faction, except those which are only available during specific ITS seasons.

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