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The Human Sphere faces new and until now unknown challenges. Alien enemies who had remained confined to the news that arrived from Paradiso are now among us. But humanity is not alone against these adversaries.

The Tohaa have been fighting this threat for years and no one has as much experience as this race which has already proven to be a valuable ally on the Paradiso front-line. And now, thanks to Spiral Corps, anyone can take advantage of all that experience to solve their problems in the private sphere with the greatest discretion.

Spiral Corps is a private military company based on Varuna that has a core of experts and professional troops from the Trident, the Tohaa army, as well as a large contingent of proficient human operatives with extensive military and private security experience.

Thanks to its eclectic and select staff, Spiral Corps has established itself as an international consulting and services firm dedicated to helping companies and organizations manage security, integrity, and political risks in hostile and complex situations.

“You know you're in a Corregidoran ship if all the walls and ducts in the corridors are covered with shockproof foam panels riddled with signs and alphanumeric codes. These codes indicate which conduits and technical-systems and maintenance panels lie behind the foam patches, as well as the model of the panels and the date they were patched. It's a safety measure in the event of unexpected collisions and maneuvers or sudden changes in speed. Not that they don't know augmented reality in Corregidor, but they don't like to depend on it in an emergency.”

Captain Kody Horner, commanding officer of the armored freighter SCAF Maelstrom, owned by the mercenary company Spiral Corps, during a conversation at Harry's Bar. - Novyy Bangkok. Human Edge.

Faction Units

Light Infantry

Hatail Aelis Keesan

Chaksa Auxiliar

Chaksa Servant

Cube Jäger, Mercenary Recoverers

Tohaa Diplomatic Delegate

Draal Saboteur

Helot Militia

Kaauri Sentinels

Kaeltar Specialists

Kerail Perceptors

Kiituan Imposters

Jaan Staar Kiiutan Imposter


Kriigel Agents

Kumotail Bioengineers


Reex Escort

Rasail Boarding Team

Taagma Schemers



Medium Infantry

Armand Le Muet


Chaska Longarm

Heavy Infantry

Kiel-Saan Covert Assault Unit

Neema Saatar, Ectros Regiment Officer



Draal Saboteur

Greif Operator

Igao Unit


Mutan Symbiobeast

Surda Symbiobeast



Anaconda, Mercenary TAG Squad

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