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Qiang Gāo always leads with a gun in his hand, fighting shoulder to shoulder with those under his command. The overwhelming superiority of his weaponry and armor is the edge that his troops need to achieve their objectives.

“We fight together, we win together.”[1]

Qiang Gāo always wanted to be a good officer, but what is actually a good officer? The textbook definition would be “one who accomplishes the mission.” Nevertheless, military discipline and the reality of combat don’t allow such simplistic definitions. In the trenches, the most valuable officer is the one who’s concerned both about the mission and the men and women under their command. In the offices of the High Command, the most valuable ones are those who carry on with the mission and the orders, while respecting the chain of command. Sometimes these visions are incompatible, and a time may come when an officer has to choose between them. That choice will determine the course and success of their military career.

During the Japanese Uprising, Qiang Gāo was the colonel in charge of the 5th Regiment of Zúyŏng Invincibles, the Terracotta Soldiers, of the Orange Banner Army’s VI Corps, deployed at Kuraimori. During the assault on Tabigarasu Junction, an important communications node in the Furuitsue peninsula, his regiment took control of an energy substation important to regional operations. Surrounded by Japanese troops from the Fukku Operative Group and isolated from the rest of his forces, Qiang Gāo devised a defensive strategy that would allow him to protect his position until reinforcements arrived. Nevertheless, the High Command, in need of a victory to show to the media, ordered him to engage one of the Japanese forces’ positions that Intelligence thought held the Fukku Group headquarters. Despite how attractive it was to behead the Japanese forces in the zone, this was an extremely risky move that would have weakened the 5th Regiment’s defenses and endangered them. Besides, the colonel was fully aware those orders were based in unconfirmed intelligence, which could be wrong or even a trap. Not to mention that the numerical superiority of the Japanese forces assaulting the substation meant that any unit tasked with such attack wouldn’t return alive, even if successful.

It was then that Qiang Gāo had to decide what kind of officer he wanted to be. Should he sacrifice troops and risk a position, but carry on with the orders received, or protect the men and women under his command and risk the position he was supposed to defend and defy a direct order? Should he be a trench officer or a career officer?

At that point, Qiang Gāo was resolute. Against the venerable tradition of respect and adhesion to the chain of command so characteristic of the StateEmpire Army, the colonel stayed true to his original strategy, keeping his forces within the defensive perimeter. Thus, he repelled several Japanese attacks and managed to defend the position until the reinforcement’s arrival, confirming that the commanding officers of the Fukku Group weren’t where they had been told.

Nonetheless, it mattered little that the colonel’s suspicions about the validity of Intelligence’s data were correct or that he managed to hold a position that ensured the logistical stability of the Orange Banner Army’s VI Corps in their advance towards Kofuku. For the High Command, Qiang Gāo had ignored a direct order and, in the eyes of his superiors, he was no longer a trustworthy officer. A court martial would demote this officer to the rank of captain, removing him from the Zúyŏng Invincibles 5th Regiment. From that day on, Qiang Gāo has been assigned to a special purposes unit, going from one operation to the other, each one more dangerous than the last, operations all across the Sphere in which he has had to put his command skills to good use, but also his combat skills as the veteran Invincible he is.

Yet it’s undoubtable that this officer still has a long road ahead of him to clean the stain that his actions at Tabigarasu Junction has left on his record and his family’s honor. But after all that’s happened, after the discredit and shame of being demoted, Qiang Gāo can still look at himself in the mirror. He can do it because, even though his career lies in ruins and his name was vilified, the image that the mirror returns is that of a trench officer, a good officer. And that is what he always wanted to be.[2]



ISC: Captain Qiang Gāo, Invincibles Officer Character Heavy Infantry
Fury: Not Imeptuous Training: Regular Back-Up: Cube
6-2 17 13 12 14 4 6 2 2
Skills and Equipment: ECM: Hacker(-3), BS Attack(+1 Dam), Dodge(+1"), Immunity(Shock), Veteran
Loadout Special Skills Weapons and Equipment Melee Weapons Points SWC
1 Heavy Machine Gun, Nanopulser Breaker Pistol(+1B), CC Weapon 45 1.5
2 Lieutenant(+1 Order) Heavy Machine Gun, Nanopulser Breaker Pistol(+1B), CC Weapon 49 1.5


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