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Over the years, Corvus Belli has produced a wide range of patches which are primarily used as a type of prize support for tournaments.

Originally this took the form of a single-piece fabric patch, but patches were later changed to a two-part design attached by Velcro to allow for easy transfer. The very first patches were ones for the six main factions (Aleph and Tohaa not yet existing) as of October 2008.[1]

Commonly available patches depict faction or sectorial logos, with rarer patches depicting logos for individual units, non-military organisations, status markers, and commemorative designs.

These pages are likely to be a perpetual work in progress. If you have pictures of a patch that isn't currently listed then please contact me at:

Early Patches - Single piece fabric patches from each of the original six factions.

Aleph Patches

Ariadna Patches

Combined Army Patches

Haqqislam Patches

Mercenary Patches

Nomads Patches

O-12 Patches

PanOceania Patches

Tohaa Patches

Yu Jing Patches

Non-Faction Patches - All patches not specifically related to a single faction.

Event Patches - Official patches for tournaments, including the Interplanetary and Satellites.

Community Patches - Fan made patches created by and for communities of Infinity players.

Examples of groups of patches and patches by season