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One would be hard-pressed to find a less appropriate or more grimly ironic name for a planet. In our zeitgeist, Paradiso stands for unending war. It was one of the main arenas of the NeoColonial Wars, and the bridgehead chosen by the Combined Army for its offensive. Troops that served on Paradiso found a more accurate name for it: the Meat Grinder.

Paradoxically, Paradiso is a luxuriant, fruitful planet. In fact, by Earth measurements it is too fertile: most inhabitable land is solid rainforest—thick, exuberant, green and suffocating. Plant life on Paradiso has an overdeveloped capacity for growth that makes it a challenge not only to clear out settlement areas, but to keep them clear. The planet’s biosphere is in a state of constant vibration, vigilance, movement, climb and growth. A multitude of voracious maws are hidden in the verdure, preparing to leap over the unwary ones who dare to cross the emerald jungle of Paradiso.[1]

Planet Statistics

Distance from Star: 1.2 AU

Orbital Revolution: 1033 days

Rotation: 28 hours

Radius: 1,78 Earth radius

Surface Gravity: 1.20 g

Planet Data File

Head of government: Diwân al Paradiso (Haqqislam) / Colonial Prime Minister (PanOceania) / Planetary Tribunal (Yu Jing) Capital: Al-Hadiye (Haqqislam) / Rilaspur (PanOceania) / Jinggu City (Yu Jing)

Population of Planet: 1.2 billion

Off-Planet System Population: 1.1 million

Main Languages: Spanish, English, Yujingyu, Arabic, Portuguese.

Main Industries: Tourism, Biological Research, Mining.



Yu Jing



Combined Army