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This life is nothing but a dream, and dreams are only dreams.

Oberon is a geist, a pseudo artificial intelligence with a great physical presence and programmed to defend his team from the malicious software of hackers.[1]

OBERON | The undaunted Oniromant

The vast majority of the inhabitants of the Human Sphere have a geist installed in their comlog, a sophisticated personal compact wrist computer that allows a continuous and instantaneous link with Maya, and the local data network.

A geist is a pseudo artificial intelligence that acts as a quantum assistant and usually accompanies its host for their entire life. They specialize in storing the preferences and habits of their owners so they are able to anticipate their commands. They behave as an extension of the will of its human user.

Oberon was the code name for a geist developed by the company Aigletech at the request of Vissiorama. It was a very special assignment because the geist needed a physical presence in the HexaDome, and to behave like an aristo without reaching the quantum processing level of an Aspect of ALEPH ─the great Artificial Intelligence of Humanity─ as Miyamoto Musashi or Parvati.

It was the thirteenth season. Vissiorama had given the green light for hackers to enter Aristeia! to show off their “magic”. The host network of the show would provide access protocols to the Hexadome, so that they could alter the scenario and the battle conditions, within limits. This action wasn’t without its risks, as giving these cyberwarriors access to their systems also would allow them to find weaknesses in their network and sneak into places that they didn’t belong. As this was a very real threat, they decided to monitor and mute all system interaction activity out of the legal parameters by uploading the geist model Oberon.

All the teams were given the opportunity to have an Oberon, but only a dozen accepted, since they preferred to use a semi-autonomous AI that incorporated an aristo with their own skills. However, in just two seasons, the hackers were already integrated into the competition, putting to rest the worst fears of the organization. This caused the definitive termination of the Oberon program. All of the teams that had integrated one in their lineup returned it. The only exception was the Crimson Tide, Final Boss’ team that won the greatest title in the Group Category three times, all of them with their geist Oberon.

Now, the five-time Bahadur Final Boss has traveled into the past and rescued the last Oberon. He returned him, and maintained the elven appearance that characterized him during the fourteenth season called ‘Fantasy Medley‘. They say that his software has been updated, not only to be able to deal with extremely dangerous hackers like hEXx3r, Laxmee and Eclypse, but also to empower him and make him a hacker. Aigletech utterly denies this claim, but Final Boss doesn’t. It seems we’ll have to wait for this new season to find out the capabilities of this new Oberon.[2]

[...]Last but not least, the final legendary Bahadur of this expansion is Oberon. Three time winner of the title, he’s a Geist designed by the company Aigletech (which is part of the mega corporation Xperydes) and is a control focused aristo that can influence the Actions and Automatic Skills. A nightmare for rivals, and it is this that makes him worthy of being considered a legend.[...][3]

Oberon is a geist, a sophisticated personal compact wrist computer that allows a continuous link to Maya and the local data network. In the thirteenth season of Aristeia!, hackers made their appearance in Vissiorama’s show. Worried that they could use their access to the system on their own profile, Vissiorama entrusted the company Aigletech to create a supportive body geist to control the cyberwarriors. Although, it later proved that Oberon's services weren’t needed anymore. The last Oberon remained in the Final Boss team, which made him achieve the title of Bahadur in group mode. Now he's back, updated and ready to win.[4]

Oberon was commissioned by Vissiorama to Aigletech to limit the impact that hackers could have on Aristeia!. The chain of command itself had given green light to their entry into the show to display their "magic”. To do so, they were given access protocols to the HexaDome so that they could alter it, but always within limits. To make sure that none of these hackers managed to enter the software, hardware, and wetware security measures were taken, and an Oberon model geist was assigned to each team to watch and monitor these cyberwarriors.[5]



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Unused, joke art for Oberon, the Christmas Elf.

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