Nomads Starters

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Nomad Action Pack

REF: 281533-1065 (Note: Repack of Crimson Stone and Beyond Crimson Stone)

Army Box, OOP

N3 Starter, OOP

[H-S] available in the Nomad Action Pack (REF: 281506-0838).

N1/N2 Starter, OOP


Corregidor Starter Box, OOP


Bakunin Observance Action Pack (March 2023)

REF: 281522-0995

Starter Box (OOP effective March 31, 2023)

Starter Box, OOP


Starter Box

REF: 280595-0717

Expansion Packs

Bakunin Expansion Pack Alpha (July 2023)

REF: 281525-1012

Bakunin Expansion Pack Beta

REF: 281525-1012

REF: 281526-1026

Booster Packs

Nomads Booster Pack Alpha

REF: 281512-0932

Nomads Booster Pack Beta

REF: 281513-0937

Fireteam Packs

Corregidor Fireteam Pack Alpha

REF: 281519-0985

  • 2 Wildcat (Heavy Rocket Launcher) and (Combi Rifle)
  • 1 Evader (Feuerbach)
  • 1 TinBot

Corregidor Fireteam Pack Beta

REF: 281521-0992

  • 1 Diablo with Light Shotgun and Trench-hammer
  • 1 Diablo with Submachine Gun and Trench-hammer
  • 1 Lobo with Red Fury
  • 1 Lobo with Breaker Combi Rifle.


Reinforcements: Nomads Pack Alpha

Reinforcements: Nomads Pack Beta

Support Packs

Nomads Support Pack

REF: 281509-0892