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The capital planet of PanOceania. Seat of the state and planetary Governments, of the Church and of the Military Complex. The first system to be discovered and colonized by PanOceanian explorers. The center of finance and R&D in PanOceania, it is home to the most important technology companies in the Sphere, and a daily destination for many businesspeople. [1]

Planet Statistics

Distance from Star: 1.4 UA

Orbital Revolution: 605 days

Rotation: 22 hours

Radius: 1,00 Earth radius

Planet Data File

Type of government: Lobby Democracy

Head of government: Prime Minister

Capital: San Pietro

Population of Planet: 7 billion

Off-Planet System Population: 1 million

Main Languages: Italian, Hindi, English, Spanish

Main Industries: Finance, Aerospace, Media, Quantronics