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What you call adversaries, I call victims.

He’s the big, bad beast with the wildest personality ever to set paws on Aristeia! Practically incapable of containing his savagery inside the HexaDome, out in public he’s actually the friendliest and most approachable star of the AGL tour.[1]

MURTAIR | Born to be a star.

Duncan Brewster, aka Murtair, “assassin” in Gaelic, was a shining star in the Caledonia National Dog-Bowl League, the most brutal sport on archaic Ariadna. Elevated to the Olympus that is Aristeia! thanks to his main sponsor, Aura Biochemical, he now triumphs where no member of his species has ever done so before, among the stars.

Trapped in the hybrid body of a human and a wolf-like alien and cursed with a grisly temper, he’s also the frontman of the quantronic-trash band Full Moon’s Dead. But Murtair is also quite the teenage heartthrob and, according to specialized media, has an impeccable taste for art and fashion.

No one can behold his sinuous, predatory movements and not get chills up their spine. It’s like running into trouble after taking a wrong turn in a dark alley. Murtair knows this all too well and exploits it, both inside the HexaDome and out. He’s pure violence molded into a smoking hot bod, and a sure bet for a night you won’t forget.[2]

On the planet of Dawn, home of the Ariadna nation, humans have had to learn to somewhat coexist alongside a wolf-like alien race known as Antipodes. It is not uncommon for tribes of these indigenous creatures to attack human settlements. One of the consequences of a pregnant woman being bitten by an antipode is the birth of Dogfaces – human/antipode hybrids. Pregnant women who have been bitten by an Antipode and manage to survive the experience give birth to children with mutations that have an amalgam of genetic traits of both species. For the distrustful Ariadna society, Dogfaces are abominations and their presence is barely tolerated.

Dogface and human hybrids are called Wulvers - a dead end from an evolutionary point of view. All Wulvers are sterile and cannot produce any offspring. As a result, there are not many of them, though those that do exist call Caledonia their home - where Dogfaces are slightly more tolerated by the human populace. Unfortunately, Wulvers have it far worse than their dog-faced kin, as they are unable to hide their strange alien heritage.

Murtair is a Wulver who has achieved a milestone for his species – fame and recognition. He began his career in the National Caledonian Dog Bowl League (NCDBL), the brutal Ariadne sport that only Dogfaces, Wulvers, and some especially strong humans can compete. With his extraordinary talent, it wasn’t long before Aura Biochemicals took notice of him and has invested heavily with a sponsorship to help him his rightful place among the best Aristos in the sphere.[3]


Not available in Infinity at this time.


Current Miniatures

Infinity the Game

None at this time, though you can use Murtair as a proxy Wulver.

Aristeia the Game

Alternate Skins

None at this time.

Out of Print Miniatures

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