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Shinmen Musashi no Kami Fujiwara no Genshin (1584?-1645), who chose as his adult name the town where he was born, Miyamoto, was a famous Japanese master swordsman and ronin. He took part in more than sixty duels, of which he lost none, and three military campaigns. As a master, he achieved the status of Kensei or “sword saint”, and authored Gorin No Sho, the Book of Five Rings—or Five Elements.

ALEPH created Project Duelist at the request of the Maya network VissioRama, who wanted to reinvigorate its Aristeia! channel with a new star, a Recreation. They asked for a modern twist on the Miyamoto Mushashi persona with the intention of producing a Maya series documenting his present-day Musha-Shugyo, the warrior’s pilgrimage undertaken by the real Musashi in the years 1605 to 1612, only with a slight name alteration to avoid legal issues. The show, depicting his voyages across the Human Sphere and his duels against other Aristos, was an immediate hit. Critics, Aristeia! fans and celebrity worshippers all acclaimed the prowess of this legendary swordsman. “Breathtaking, awe-inspiring. Miyamoto has the skill of a master, the heart of a lion and the zeal of a tiger” (CloseCombat magazine, Maya). And yet, slowly but surely, interest declined and ratings went down. Mushashi was a stern, solemn person, and lacked the necessary frivolity to play to the tune of the Aristeia! star system. The show could be very exciting, but it was not much fun. Like his namesake, with whom he shared his combat experience, he was a warrior at heart, and considered the notion of using aesthetic criteria in combat to be utterly nonsensical. His dueling style was quick and efficient, but not spectacular. It was over too soon for his Maya audience and the VissioRama producers. The network asked for his personality to be erased and rewritten as a flashier, more ratings-oriented duelist. But a hacker, a self-proclaimed fan of Mushashi, was intercepting internal communications at VissioRama and alerted his idol, who immediately vanished into the night.

These days Miyamoto Mushashi is wanted for assault, for breach of contract against VissioRama, for taking part in illegal duels, for the murder of several Aspects and for insubordination against ALEPH—for which he seems to feel a deep-seated hatred. With those charges against him, and with such powerful enemies, he has been forced to live the life of adventure he was born for. The life of an outlaw, a mercenary duelist, a life on the alert, on the lam, in constant danger. An aimless runaway without a home to go back to. Gone for months at a time and forgotten, only to resurface in distant war stories or illegal arenas. All that danger and all those clandestine Aristeia! circuits have honed his martial prowess with true grit. With his personal style of kenjutsu called Niten Ichi or Nitō Ichi (“Two Heavens as one” or “Two Swords as one”), Miyamoto Mushashi has again validated his status as a sword saint, but it is a dark, deadly sainthood.

Aristeia the Game




If you were to synthesize pure combat prowess, the formula would have to contain the mind of the most renowned fighter in history, plus the most advanced artificial body ever designed. Luckily for us, Aristeia! has already gone to the trouble of manufacturing this volatile concoction, and all that's left for us is to kick back and enjoy the spectacle that is Miyamoto Mushashi.[1]


Miyamoto Mushashi is a faithfully rendered biosynthetic Recreation of the emblematic 16th-century Japanese master swordsman.

‘Project Duelist’ was carried out at the request of the VissioRama media channel for their Aristeia! venture. After a fig-leaf renaming for legal reasons, VissioRama deployed an ambitious branding scheme to make a channel-wide star out of their very own Recreation. They requested an updated version of the historical personality so he could star in a modern-day musha-shugyo, the warrior’s pilgrimage undergone by Miyamoto between 1605 and 1612. The show has followed the Recreation’s exploits across the Human Sphere, including his duels against other Aristos he’s encountered in his travels.

The first few seasons have been nothing short of a smash hit. Mushashi has ridden a wave of critical acclaim, audience retention and fan engagement all the way to the top of the rankings and the title of Bahadur faster than any fighter before him, but his future is uncertain. His austere, composed personality is ill-suited to the frivolity of Aristeia! stardom and his efficient, no-frills dueling style makes for unsatisfactory fighting sequences. Increasingly, commentators are starting to wonder: What does VissioRama have in store for Miyamoto Mushashi?[2]

Miyamoto Mushashi is a Recreation of the famous Japanese duelist, made for Vissiorama. His artificial body was made to resemble the real one. His quantronic mind is a minor AI designed by ALEPH, the great Artificial Intelligence that takes care of the Human Sphere, to emulate the knowledge, skills, and personality of the original duelist. And, as everyone saw after his debut, ALEPH did a helluva job! Fast, insightful, lethal, this version of Miyamoto is everything Vissiorama could ask for. Well, almost.

When the producers asked for a super samurai duelist, they didn’t expect him to be so… effective. When Miyamoto is in the HexaDome, no movement is wasted in adding some flair to a precise strike, no breath is wasted in muttering some catchphrase. Every beat of his artificial heart is devoted to achieving perfection in his deadly art in a methodical, sinister and, above all, dull way. His appearances have become more and more boring, and audience rates are beginning to fall whenever he’s on screen. That’s why Vissiorama producers have asked ALEPH for a new personality for Miyamoto, so his mind will be reset after the end of this Season. But who knows what might happen if he finds out first?[3]



ISC: Miyamoto Mushashi Character Warband
Fury: Not Imeptuous Training: Irregular Back-Up: Cube
6-4 25 9 14 15 1 3 1 2
Skills and Equipment: Martial Arts L5, Courage, Dodge(+2"), Immunity(Shock), Stealth, No Wound Incapacitation, CC Attack(AP)
Loadout Special Skills Weapons and Equipment Melee Weapons Points SWC
1 Chain Rifle, Flash Pulse Pistol, EXP CC Weapon 20 0
2* FTO, (Regular Troop) Chain Rifle, Flash Pulse Pistol, EXP CC Weapon 24 0.5
  • Loadout 2 Part of JSA Sectoral Only.


ISC: Miyamoto Mushashi Warband
Fury: Non-Impetuous Training: Irregular Back-Up: Cube
6-4 25 9 14 15 1 3 1 2
Skills and Equipment: Martial Arts L5, Dual Wield, Kinematika L2, V: No Wound Incapacitation
Name Skills and Equipment BS Weapons CC Weapons Points SWC
Chain Rifle Chain Rifle, Flash Pulse AP CCW, EXP CCW, Pistol 24 0
Regular* Fireteam: Haris Chain Rifle, Flash Pulse AP CCW, EXP CCW, Pistol 28 0.5

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