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Professional Standards Investigation Department; Bureau Aegis's anticorruption team.

Bureau Trimurti's task is Internal Affairs, and their elite agents focus on corruption, misconduct, and proper professional standards. However, Bureau Aegis has its own internal operations and anticorruption investigators. Bureau Trimurti does have final say, but they're sometimes seen as interlopers - Trimurti teams very rarely have to pick up a gun and rescue someone from a rogue unit from the Yujingyu military, for instance.

PSID is the "Professional Standards and Investigation Department," and the unwieldy name was intentionally chosen to avoid having to say "internal affairs," and to avoid stepping on the toes of Bureau Trimurti. PSID oversees standards across Bureau Aegis. O-12's remit and military force means that if someone were to dispatch a Gladius Team for unethical reasons, it could be absolutely disastrous. Say a commander has two cases they could pursue; one of them might be investigating a smuggling operation, and the other eliminating an illegal operation by Druze mafioso; both of them might prove beneficial to the Human Sphere as a whole, but choosing to ignore the smugglers might mean a paycheck and cushy job for said commander's family. Ment agents are there to determine whether or not such behavior and such decisions are made for tactical reasons, or for personal gain.

Ment is from the Russian "мент” (ment)[1], a slang word for police.[2]. It was frequently used to describe Militsiya, the Soviet police force. The term may have come from the Polish word "menda," meaning "crab lice."[3]

PSID agents work undercover in units they suspect of unethical behavior. When they're not in disguise, they wear long cloaks that look pretty god damn cool. They are not technically police, but they police the police. Ment are disliked by most units in Bureau Aegis, because they're seen as aloof, elitist, and could give an integrity test at any time. O-12 is extremely diligent about corruption; for civilian agencies, this is generally done with a softer hand. With a militarized police force, Ment agents are used instead.

Ment agents HATE dirty cops. Absolutely hate them. They're REALLY good at finding dirty cops, too. Ment Agents are not just investigators, they're experienced criminologists. They know how to spot impersonators and fakers and holographic decoys without technology. Ment agents know how to move around quietly; they're often deployed as detectives to support investigations and can make sure they're not in the way. They also work their "normal" jobs alongside O-12 units, making sure that nobody makes any mistakes or ethical lapses even in the heat of battle.

Ment Agents are cold, true professionals. They realize that a clean Bureau Aegis means a safer Human Sphere; and that the safety of ordinary people is worth more than the life of a dirty cop.

How can citizens trust Bureau Aegis if its officers don’t behave with the utmost integrity? Most police work is dependent on their relationship with the community, and when that’s not good, it’s very unlikely that law enforcement will be able to provide the quality service that citizens deserve.

Therefore, Bureau Aegis doesn’t tolerate dirty cops—period. Finding and arresting these dirty cops is the Ments’ job, and they’re damn good at it, because they’re excellent detectives, among the best in the Bureau. Experts in criminology, psychology, and intelligence, be it the result of their studies or just pure experience, the Ment are savvy sleuths capable of following any lead to the very end. This is why there are always some PSID agents assigned to the Gladius Teams.

Sometimes they’re undercover, to investigate how these teams operate, since they’re frequently faced with crisis situations and under great stress. On other occasions, they’re attached as detectives to support the investigations these special teams are required to conduct. One way or another, the Ment are always doing fieldwork, just like any other regular Bureau Aegis agent, so they know the day-to-day reality of the streets. They’re members of the pack, and they’ll do anything to protect the agency, even if it means confronting a fellow officer and arresting them, using whatever force is necessary and without a moment’s hesitation; they’re more than ready for it. Their coldness when they’re required to act should come as no surprise to anyone.

The Ment are true professionals, they’re the officers who must police the police, and they fully understand the importance of their work. They realize that a clean Bureau Aegis ultimately translates into a safer Sphere for everyone, and any citizen’s safety is more important than the life of a dirty cop. [1]


ISC: MENT Agents, PSID Spec. Trained Troop Light Infantry
Fury: Non-Impetuous Training: Regular Back-Up: Cube
4-4 17 12 10 13 1 3 1 2
Skills and Equipment: Chain of Command, Stealth, Biometric Visor
Loadout Special Skills Weapons and Equipment Melee Weapons Points SWC
1 Light Shotgun Pistol, Para (-3) CCW 15 0
2 Heavy Riotstopper (+2B) Assault Pistol, Para (-3) CCW 15 0
3 Hacker, Hacking Device Light Shotgun Pistol, Para (-3) CCW 20 0.5
4 Reinf. Light Shotgun Pistol, Para (-3) CCW 15 0
5 Reinf. Heavy Riotstopper (+2B) Assault Pistol, Para (-3) CCW 15 0
6 Reinf. Hacker, Hacking Device Light Shotgun Pistol, Para (-3) CCW 20 0.5


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  1. Pronounce it as if you had a thick Russian accent.
  2. (Plural менты (menty)]
  3. Wikipedia claims that it comes from the Hungarian word "Cloak," but the cited source is not available in English. It is possible it is vaguely related to a Hungarian word for "saver" or "preserver." Ment means 'went' or past tense 'saved.' So it's possibly related to 'menteni' or 'to save.'