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In Greek mythology, the Makhai were daemons or spirits of battle, the personification of strife and its ravages, a negative presence feared by most and well known to all warriors. The Makhai of the Steel Phalanx are exactly the same: both the Maya embodiment of the havoc of battle and a dreaded negative presence, at least for their opponents. Although the Phalanx was conceived to be an assault force, just like the ancient regiment it's named after, the asvmmetric nature of the engagements on Paradiso required more flexible units. The Assault Subsection's response to this need was the Makhai. For their creation, a specific psychogenesis process had to be designed, one that included certain elements that might be more characteristic of the Operations Subsection, while still retaining the heroic and somewhat chaotic component of the Phalanx' personality creation processes. Striking the right balance so they could function as a proper Phalanx unit, with a touch of unpredictability that would keep them safe from the predictive models of the El, required a lot of testing and took longer than planned, so their deployment was delayed beyond the desired time frame. However, the result was one of the best troops ever achieved by the psychogenesis processes in its entire history. Their feats in combat are outstanding (many would even call them legendary) and their performance in every mission they've been involved in has made the difference between victory and defeat. Wherever they're deployed, their reputation always precedes them, and they turn heads whenever they arrive at a new destination. Their reputation is all the more striking and impressive in view of this unit's comparatively short history. Even if they were recentlv created, they've been summoned for battle countless times. In spite of them being among the most junior ALEPH Aspects of the Phalanx, their operational role has allowed them to engage in all the major battles of the Paradiso Third Offensive and on the Helheim front, so they've gained as much combat experience as any veteran regiment in the Sphere, and earned the same respect, if not more, in the process. Admittedly, all this may sound like a profusion of exaggeration and hyperbole, so typical of the Aoidoi of the Subsection, but this is not the case-quite the contrary. The Makhai are like that firm, strong, big brother who never makes a mistake and is admired by all. They're that guy you idolize because you know you'll never be as good as him, that you'll never be able to match his fearless calm under pressure, or the strength and determination he exhibits in the face of horror, no matter how grim the situation. They are the most dependable troops of the Assault Subsection, the ones who make sure that the job gets done and the mission is accomplished no matter what, even if that means the old-school way if necessary: just killing everyone, like true members of the Steel Phalanx.



ISC: Makhai, Steel Phalanx's Operative Unit Veteran Troops Medium Infantry
Fury: Non-Impetuous Training: Regular Back-Up: Cube 2.0
4-4 16 13 11 13 3 6 1 2
Skills and Equipment: Multispectral Visor L1, Courage, Immunity (Shock), Mimetism (-3), Stealth, NCO
Loadout Special Skills Weapons and Equipment Melee Weapons Points SWC
1 Shock Marksman Rifle, Zapper Breaker Pistol, CCW 30 0
2 Missile Launcher, Zapper Breaker Pistol, CCW 32 1.5
3 Red Fury, Zapper Breaker Pistol, CCW 35 1.5
4 Breaker Combi Rifle Rifle, Zapper, Flash Pulse Breaker Pistol, CCW 30 0


Current Miniatures

REF: 280043-0958

Photo Credit: Azaries

Available in Aleph Booster Beta. REF: 280874-0999

Photo Credit: Roland THTG

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