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The Omn / The Helots

The amphibious native inhabitants of Varuna, Helots (or Omn, as they refer to themselves) have had an uneven time integrating into PanOceanian society. Indeed, a cursory look suggests that they might not have integrated at all, with hydrocultural workers labouring far from the eyes of most Varunans, and even those Helots who work among humans rarely opt to live alongside them. The average PanOceanian is unlikely to work with any Helots, less likely to count them as neighbours, and incredibly unlikely to see them in anything resembling their native habitat.

Even so, Helots have been gradually gaining a greater understanding of PanOceanian culture and the reverse holds true as well. Bit by bit, the two cultures are beginning to come to a greater understanding, as the refinement of pressure suit technology—allowing Helots control over their water-pressure induced mood alterations—has led to an increasing number of Helots venturing further into mainstream PanOceanian society (dipping their toes in the water, as it were).

The Liberto Movement

Not every Helot is happy with PanOceania’s “stewardship” of their people. Formed in direct response to the colonisation of their homeworld, the Libertos—literally meaning “freed slave” in ancient Latin—see things very differently than most Helots. Students of human culture and history, they see PanOceania’s role in Omn affairs as entirely exploitive; an invasion that they alone are still fighting.

To the Libertos, they’re not terrorists, insurgents, or anything else the Mayacasts want to call them; they’re the last bastion of free Omn, defending their home. In their rage-blue eyes, they didn’t start this war; they’re the only ones who recognize it for what it is, and have the courage to fight back. Originally composed entirely of Omn, over time the group has added human members, from Ateks to full citizens, who either support their cause, or have their own bone to pick with the Hyperpower. Supported by activist groups, as well as PanOceania’s many enemies, Libertos has become better-funded over time. And they pride themselves on putting their resources to efficient use.

It was on the road to the NeoColonial Wars that Libertos first revealed its presence. Funded and equipped by unknown off-world sources, Libertos destroyed key infrastructure across the Atlantea Archipelago, leaving most of Akuna Bay without power for 72 hours while the government scrambled to figure out just what was happening.

Organized in a fault-tolerant clandestine cellular structure, Libertos has tapped into the Omn’s natural inclination to form pods and used this as the basis for its internal structure. In a traditional cell organisation, neutralizing a given cell’s leader would effectively cut it off from the rest of the organisation. Libertos sytmie the impact through a series of independent side links, paired dead drops, autonomous communication vectors, and custom cyphers that make good use of humanity’s diffculties with Tetessom’s[1] nuances.

Libertos aren’t much for peaceful protest; they prefer violent, disruptive action whenever possible, and rarely miss an opportunity to make a statement. Of particular note is their disgust at the existence of pressure suits, which they see as a fundamental subversion of their natural state, akin to brainwash- ing. Never mind the countless Helots who value the suits, saying they grant a hitherto unachievable focus; the suits are tools of the machine, and the machine has to burn. If some of their fellows get caught in the blaze, it’s unfortunate, but can’t be helped. To a Libertos, if you’re not a part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.

And no one else is a part of the solution.

Libertos Activities

Engaged in subversive actions all across Varuna (and very occasionally leaking out to the rest of the Human Sphere), Libertos operations tend to fall into one of four different categories: target destruction, intelligence acquisition, retributive actions, and political communication. Prefixed with the Tetessom word ”B’akk” — a Libertos-coined word meaning violence, with an implied undertone of unnatural wrongness—all Libertos field operations are meant to send a message; every death, every explosion, every lost profit and frightened child are all designed toward one purpose, and one purpose only. The credo of Libertos, their desire for freedom from PanOceanian rule, must echo loudly through every strike. If the public is confused, then clearly, the mission was a failure, and in the future, the message should be clearer, and likely louder, to get the point across.

The Omn Accords

The city Akuna Bay is the capitol of the Atlantea Archipelago, and by extension, Varuna. In the capitol stands a statue. It is a a monument to the Omn Accords — a large statue depicting a Helot and human shaking hands.

The Omn Accords' were the first formal legislation that granted the Helot people a measure of the rights held by humankind. These include property ownership, the right to fair treatment within the justice system, the right to life, and so on. The accords were an agreement between the two races to work together to create a better Varuna and to respect each other’s culture.

The Libertos terrorist group argues that the Accords were a calculated move to ensure that O-12’s watchdogs couldn’t bring the hammer of legal action down upon the corporations that at the time abused the rights of Helots, and still do to the present day.

For many, the monument stands as a sign of peace, the first true steps in guaranteeing a future of cooperation, but this hasn’t stopped attempts to deface the monument. Radicals from xenophobic camps on both sides of the political spectrum have made it their business to destroy what they see as a monument to compromise. Such incidents have only increased security for the monument however, and now it is nearly impossible to reach the statue without being tagged by eight different identity probes and arrested. Even if the statue is damaged, there are rumours that the government has several identical backups of the statue just in case.[2]

Liberto Groups

The Ikatere Braves

Badara is a helot who owns the 'Tikassan' Club, the premier Helot bar on Varuna. A small faction of the Libertos movement is loyal to Badara; she, like her clique, are all Tete-Kulu.


“The thing you have to understand, is that they think we’re stupid. They come to our home, kick us around, and

call us slaves while laughing behind our backs! Well guess what. We can learn dead languages as well as you can. You call us slaves, and then have the gall to deny it? Well, these slaves just freed themselves; deal with it. The Libertos don’t need your suits, your laws, your empty promises, and definitely not you! We won’t stop until every last Omn is free, whether they know they want it or not. Sleep with one eye open, Conquistadores; we’re coming for you.”

—Cinadon Arrow-Fist, founding Libertos member.



ISC: Libertos Freedom Fighters Mercenary Troop Light Infantry
Fury: Non-Impetuous Training: Irregular Back-Up: No Cube
4-4 16 11 10 12 0 0 1 2
Skills and Equipment: Camouflage(1 Use), Courage, Forward Deployment(+8"), Dodge(+6), Dodge(+1"), Frenzy, Terrain(Aquatic), Dogged
Loadout Special Skills Weapons and Equipment Melee Weapons Points SWC
1 Submachine Gun, Chain-colt Pistol, CC Weapon 8 0
2 Minelayer Light Shotgun, Shock Mines Pistol, CC Weapon 8 1
3* Mimetism(-3) Submachine Gun, Chain-colt Pistol, CC Weapon 9 0
4* Mimetism(-3), Minelayer Light Shotgun, Shock Mines Pistol, CC Weapon 9 1
  • Loadouts 3&4 are used in Dahshat sectorial only


ISC: Libertos Freedom Fighters Light Infantry
Fury: Frenzy Training: Irregular Back-Up: No Cube
4-4 14 11 10 12 0 0 1 2
Skills and Equipment: CH: Limited Camouflage, Forward Deployment L2, Hyper Dynamics L2, Aquatic Terrain, V: Dogged
Name Skills and Equipment BS Weapons CC Weapons Points SWC
Shotgun Minelayer Light Shotgun, Chain Colt, Antipersonnel Mines Pistol, Knife 10 1
SMG Submachine Gun, Chain-colt, D.E.P. Pistol, Knife 8 0


Current Miniatures

Light Shotgun REF: 280743-0802

SMG REF: 280777-1079

Old Miniatures

Limited Edition

Photo Credit: Azaries


  1. Tetessom, the language of the Helots
  2. PanOceania, 56