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I'm over being a pop star. I want to be iconic. Koorie Queen is back.

Koorie Queen is a shining music star that has the honor of being the first Bahadur in the history of Aristeia![1]

KOORIE QUEEN | The first Bahadur

Kylie Cosmen was born in PanOceania, on planet Earth, with the gift of the song inherited from her maternal grandmother. Since her childhood, her parents invested in the future of her extraordinary voice, so when she turned seventeen the young Cosmen appeared at one of many talent shows in Maya, winning the competition and thus making an awesome entry to the professional world of stardom.

The hand that guided her to stardom belonged to a family friend, only a few years older than her: Sophia Kreuziger. She was an efficient, thoughtful, and very intelligent agent who devised a plan to put Kylie at the center of the entire Human Sphere. The first step of the plan was to hire a personal combat trainer in various disciplines. For four years, he had Kylie getting in shape, and improving her marksmanship by throwing light weapons.

At the age of twenty-two, Kylie entered the contest Exposed Celebrities as the second step of Sophia’s ambitious plan. The program aimed to test the survival skills of a group of celebrities in the wild jungles of planet Paradiso, which was actually a set-up located in Varuna - the idyllic PanOceanian planet. During the filming, a fan spontaneous jumped from the thicket, and began attacking the singer Liliana Vitsin. Kylie responded immediately, pouncing and reducing him to a crumpled heap with only two jujitsu strikes. This is how Kylie earned herself first place on the show..

With the martial prowess of the young Cosmen being without question, it wasn’t much of a problem for Sophia to introduce her to Aristeia! She dressed her with trappings inspired by the Australian aboriginal culture, armed her with a holographic boomerang, covered her with Maori tattoos, and named her Koorie Queen - in reference to the indigenous people of the southeastern region of Australia, an ancient country that ended up making up most of the current region of PanOceania. Kylie added to her costume a piece from the front of her father’s Croc-men armor - a veteran of the Polynesian Division during the Neocolonial Wars.

Koorie Queen was the first aristo to receive the recently released title of Bahadur, and defended it for the entirety of the following season. Her ancient native image showing her PanOceanian roots and her precious voice made the public fall for her. After her second season, she retired to pursue her musical career on an interplanetary scale.

Twelve years later, Koorie Queen has returned from the hand of her successor in the title, Final Boss, to commemorate her deeds on the twenty-fifth anniversary of the show, as well as to promote her latest work on Maya: Boomerang Queen.[2]

[...]Queen Koorie, a born survivor, had a fleeting career in the HexaDome, and as soon as she got the title of Bahadur she stylishly retired to focus on her musical career. She’s considered a genuine legend, and her playing style revolves around her gigantic boomerang, which she uses to hunt her favorite prey: the supporting characters of the rival team.[...][3]

Koorie Queen is an indisputable interplanetary music star, though her career actually began with her participation in the most extreme reality sport on Maya. Though hailing from PanOceania, she was born on Earth, and she knew that her voice would take her far but she refused to let it to be the only attribute that defined her. She appeared on several television programs and trained hard, learning combat techniques. Finally, she signed on for the most exciting sports show in the Human Sphere: Aristeia! She has the honor of being the first Bahadur in the history of the program.[4]

Koorie Queen is the first Bahadur of the 12th season of Aristeia! She won again the following year and left the competition on a high note to focus on her musical vocation, her true passion. She recently joined Final Boss to relaunch her career.[5]


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