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Lies and death: these are the two words my life is built upon. Just like many others, I am one of those who were displaced by violence in the war against the invading forces of the Combined Army. My family being dead or lost in the territory occupied by the Ur Hegemony, I spent my youth in one of the overcrowded Trinomial refugee centers, where gangs exert their control with fists and knives. These centers are the favorite recruiting spots of the Trident, the Tohaa army, because in them it can find highly motivated individuals hardened through violence. The Trident offers these displaced people a way out of all that terror and violence, a weapon, and the possibility of hurting those who are responsible for the miserable situation they have been subjected to. This is what I was offered, more death and lies: death, both that which I dealt and that of my comrades who fell one by one under the bulldozer of the Combined Army, and lies, such as that we could wipe out the EI simply by following our commanders’ orders. It’s an absolute fallacy, told at the expense of the lives of too many good Tohaa, because the Trident is losing the war and can do nothing to change this.

This is why I embraced the cause of the Triumvirate, a secret organization pulling the strings of power, unwilling to allow any moral objection to stand in the way of victory against the EI. The Triumvirate took me in, trained me, and made death and lies my working tools. In the army I learned how to kill and to do so silently, so the Triumvirate instructors turned me into a Kiiutan Imposter. I learned how to imitate others and to use a specialized symbiont armor. I was subjected to extreme biomodifications, including virotherapy to redesign my genetic identity, which allows me to alter my appearance in order to impersonate others. While it’s true that all these experimental recombination treatments cause a certain mental instability, due to my life trajectory this was not something new for me, and they taught me to turn schizophrenia into a tactical advantage, making me an adversary always unpredictable, always unexpected.

For years I worked as an agent for the Triumvirate, stealing, spying, and killing anyone who posed a threat to our plans. I performed military actions, but also those of a political and even economic nature, such as facilitating the awarding of contracts for the reconstruction of the Aldreec colonies, supplanting one of the executives of a competing company in order to remove it from the tenders. Finally, I was transferred to the Paradiso front in human territory, where the Triumvirate is carrying out a long-term clandestine operation. There I joined the mercenary company Spiral Corps, which is nothing more than a cover that allows us to move freely within the Human Sphere. As a mercenary, I can go wherever I want and I can work with whomever I want, always with a perfect smile, be it my own or my imitation of someone else’s, never revealing my impersonation skills, which humans are unaware of since we do not want them to distrust us, the Tohaa, their best allies. I am a very successful Spiral Corps operative, but nobody—with the exception of my fellow Tohaa—knows about my special skills. And thus, lies keep defining my life, lies as well as death, since in the end everything comes down to this: killing somebody, Shasvastii, Morat, Tohaa, or human. The species, age, or gender do not matter. Limitations do not exist for us who are truly committed to defending our race at any price, a price I will gladly pay in the blood of our enemies. Because after all, mental instability, along with lies and death, is another one of my defining traits.




ISC: Kaan Staar Kiiutan Imposter Character Skirmisher
Fury: Not Imeptuous Training: Regular Back-Up: Cube
Active 4-4 20 12 11 13 2 6 1 2
Skills and Equipment: CC Attack (-3), Surprise Attack (-3), Dodge (+3), Stealth, Impersonation (IMP-2), Courage, Immunity (Shock), Transmutation (W)
Inactive 4-4 20 12 11 13 0 0 1 2
Skills and Equipment: Stealth, Impersonation (IMP-2), Courage, Immunity (Shock)
Loadout Special Skills Weapons and Equipment Melee Weapons Points SWC
1 Light Shotgun, Shock Mines Viral Pistol (+1B), CC Weapon 31 1


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