Hlökk Station

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Hlökk Station is in Brísingamen Asteroid Belt in the Concilium system.

The events of Operation: Crimson Stone take place here.


Hlökk Station is a failed mining colony, built by a Concilium Prima-based corporation called Viotti-Sokha Inc. However, this station was able to redevelop itself into a vital transit and stopover point for anyone working on the outer edge of the Brísingamen Asteroid Belt.
With a wide range of leisure options—keeping in mind the low standards of the sparsely-populated remote areas of deep space—and an extensive array of docking and maintenance bays, this station is considered a free port and a neutral location, one of the few spots in the area that aren’t under Corregidor’s control. Located at a crossroads of routes coming into and out of Brísingamen’s outer rim, this base is a busy and densely populated place, teeming with all kinds of meteorheads, deep-space veterans, miners, bounty hunters, corporate delegates, and many other dodgy characters.
Given the current situation after Cerberus’ opening and the proliferation of Combined Army stealth ships, the presence of Starmada and other Bureau Aegis police forces in the region is anecdotal, which has also allowed other players to increase their influence in the station. Despite the so-called “Void Tango Incident” in which it was involved, the PanOceanian mining corporation Minescorp has recently set up offices at this base, expecting a positive ruling on its claims concerning exploitation rights over Brísingamen. That incident has also prompted the Guild of Independent Prospectors to expand its presence in Hlökk to counter all this foreign interference. This interference isn’t just from Minescorp, but also from Corregidor and UTRACO, the Nomad workers’ union, an organization said to be a cover for the Nomad intelligence service known as the Black Hand. Another fact shouldn’t be overlooked: the troubling event of a Shasvastii infiltration exposed by the Void Tango affair, which might not have been completely stopped, and, in any case, could happen again.
Both its privileged location and the current situation make Hlökk Station a place where things happen, which is why Bureau Aegis has designated it as a place of interest. It is a designation that the different intelligence services of the major Sphere powers agree with, and most likely the Combined Army as well. Therefore, it would be advisable to have eyes and ears on the station, for who can guarantee that the next big news won’t occur in that godforsaken place?

An analysis written by Editor-in-Chief Aurora Silang for the BIBLIOTEK Board of Directors, an independent news and information agency.[1]