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New Haqqislam logo as of 2020
Haqqislam's original logo, replaced in 2020

Haqqislam is the new branch of Islam that resulted from the re-founding of this belief system from a humanistic point of view, based on the doctrine of the Search for Knowledge. This new Islam has cast off the obscurantism of times past returning to its origins, to the golden age of the great caliphates during which it was a center of knowledge. Thanks to its monopoly over the Silk Trade, essential to the process of Resurrection and other advanced medical techniques, as well as its prevalence in medical-pharmacological areas, Haqqislam has become a power in the human sphere. However, despite its politico-economic accomplishments the true goal of Haqqislam is the Search for Knowledge, the belief that wisdom will guide humanity towards Complete Knowledge, and total union with Allah.


Prime Minister - Minister of Foreign Affairs: ABDUL RAEGH

 Haqqislam, the new islam, is a minor power, spread across only a single planetary system, bourak. Haqqislam has built a culture around a humanist, scholarly version of islam that is in constant contact with nature and rejects all fundamentalism. Biomedical science and terraformation are the two pillars of their development, and Haqqislam is home to the best academies of medicine and planetology in the Human Sphere.[1]

Hassassin Bahram

The mysterious Hassassin Society watches for the appearance of new threats against Haqqislam and human knowledge, in the name of the Old Man of the Mountain and in the service of Faith and the Hachib, the Haqqislamite President. 

To do so, the Hassassin Society has established a branch dedicated exclusively to Military Intelligence, working directly with the Haqqislamite Army. The work of this section, known as the Hassassin Bahram or just Bahram (in Farsi, Persian, بهرام meaning “victory” or “victor”) is to apply the abilities of the sect in support of the Sword of Allah, the Army of Haqqislam. 

The function of the Hassassin Bahram could be summarized as handling all the dirty jobs, the secret missions the army doesn’t want anyone to know about, and doing everything that is necessary to be able to win. Nevertheless, its specialty and preference are operations requiring direct enemy contact, those in which its true nature is revealed, clearly stamping the unmistakable seal of maximum lethality so characteristic of the Hassassin Society. 

The Hassassin field operatives, the true Assassins, are terrible and precise specialists in several combat techniques. Each unit has a different initiation level inside the Society, but they are all lethal demons who think of themselves as angels. As Hassassins, they hold to their own excellence and justify the most horrible acts as a superior need, dictated by the Heavens, of which they are no more than mere instruments.

Qapu Khalqi

The old Turkish empire, whose sovereign was the Sultan, was also known as "The Door", the main access point to Asia. In those days, the military body working as the palace guard were called Qapu Khalqi or "The Door's People". This name has been inherited by the military section of the Sword of Allah, operating under the command of the Funduq Sultanate. It constitutes the protective force for the orbital elevator, astroports, caravansaries, and the orbitals - Bourak's gateway.

The Qapu Khalqi is a military force with a strong naval and security emphasis. The Sultanate's main responsibility is the protection of Silk commerce and traffic, so it ensures the Haqqislamite army clearly responds to this need. All regular units created under the Sultanate's military command have specific training in security, protection, and counter-terrorist military tasks.

To the Haqqislamite navy, the great number of ships that form Haqqislam's merchant fleet and its wide dispersion over the entire Sphere exponentially increases the difficulty in establishing effective naval protection. This situation is especially difficult in times of conflict, when the Admiralty has to focus its efforts purely on military matters. TO solve this problem, the Sultanate uses the profits from its commercial resources to give the Quapu Khalqi control of a fleet of corsair ships, completely willing to undertake protective tasks for merchant convoys in exchange for money and the possibility of catching juicy prey.

The Qapu Khalqi has no objection to recruiting foreign forces to reinforce the offensive and defensive capacity of its fleet. In this way, as well as the corsair vessels, the Qapu Khalqi makes use of professional mercenary troops that can be used in ground and naval operations.

Ramah Taskforce

The Ramah Taskforce works as a first response unit in emergencies, and can be deployed in situations of terrorist, diplomatic, commercial, military, or environmental crisis. Knowing this, there is no doubt that Allah’s Sword won’t hesitate to send this special force to protect Paradiso.

Melek Reaction Force

The only way to keep a trading empire going is to have a tight grip on the trade routes. This inevitably requires a strong military presence, both to ensure that the terms and conditions that apply to those routes are the ones you want, and to guarantee the security of your shipments and transports, especially in liminal areas.

For this reason, the Funduq Sultanate and the Silk tycoons always ensure that the Qapu Khalqi fleet is among the largest and most powerful in the entire Sphere. The Qapu Khalqi navy has succeeded in spreading its ships in an intelligent network that covers all the major routes, as well as the most frequented areas of the secondary routes, in a logistical effort unparalleled in the commercial history of humanity.

Despite all this, the system isn’t flawless, and it still has its holes. As evidenced during the Silk Revolts, high-intensity war scenarios and massive attacks on multiple fronts may strain the resources of the Qapu Khalqi too severely, which in turn may weaken its reaction capabilities and result in some regions being left unprotected and at the mercy of enemy forces. To avoid such situations, because the Qapu Khalqi learned its lesson during the Silk Revolts, it created the Melek (Turkish for “Angel”) Reaction Groups.

These reaction groups are made up of a small-sized team of veteran troops from different Qapu Khalqi units that are used to working together. Each team is usually provided with a fast pursuit unit (FPU), a light gunship with very powerful thrusters. The Melek are true to their code name, for they are the guardian angels who watch over Haqqislamite citizens and interests in the most remote corners of the Sphere, and this evidences that to a nation that follows the Search for Knowledge, all the people who walk this path are of the utmost importance. [1]


"A soldier of Haqqislam does not fight out of hatred for his foes; he fights out of love for the people he swore to defend." -Senator Dr. Daanish Jahid Sufadi, spokesman of the Hachib before O-12's Oberhaus. Excerpt from Haqqislam's declaration of war against PanOceania during the 3rd Necolonial War.


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