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Hannibal is both manager and fighter of his own team. A natural born leader inside and outside the HexaDome. He doesn’t stand out because of his combat skills, but because of his ability to help his teammates get a jump on the enemy. He is a total strategist, intelligent, capable of reading and understanding the game to his benefit. A skill developed in a world where there are no second chances.[1]


Hannibal is the Man with the Plan, the foremost strategic mind in Aristeia! and a natural born leader inside the HexaDome and out.

This dapper man styles himself a businessman rather than a brawler, which isn’t far from the truth. The only caveat resides in his particular areas of expertise, namely warfare, private security and his latest venture: combat-as-spectacle.

The truth about Hannibal’s past is hard to pin down. If you take him at his word, he came from money, but the collapse of his family fortune forced him to drop out of university and accept a position at an intelligence agency. It was the eve of the NeoColonial Wars, and Hannibal claims to have received decorations from several allied governments during the conflict. After the war, Hannibal—more interested in maintaining his upscale lifestyle than in military accolades—promptly branched off into the private sector. As a military contractor he was well-poised to exploit a growing demand for private security and the confidential exchange of any number of products, including sensitive information and extra-legal merchandise. Naturally, no evidence exists to connect him with any illicit activities, so either he’s embellishing the truth or he did a good job of covering his tracks.

On the back of his business acumen, Hannibal has lived expansively in every capital in the Human Sphere, indulged every pleasure and even amassed quite the art collection. His greatest accomplishment was his position at Van Orton’s Foreign Company, perhaps the most high-profile mercenary outfit in the Sphere, famous for providing security for a number of showbiz celebrities. As Van Orton’s second-in-command and Chief Strategy Officer, Hannibal was able to cultivate the associations he needed to dip his toe in the Aristeia! pool. Turns out his discerning eye and military experience were perfectly suited to the sport, and soon enough Hannibal was bankrolling his own team, a team of hard-boiled mercenaries in his own image.

Speaking of hard-boiled, the undisputed star of the team is Señor Massacre, a man with a long history of driving his fellow soldiers of fortune crazy with his tireless chatter and boundless ego. Another of Hannibal’s picks is a mercurial woman called Laxmee, a self-taught hacker boasting the mercenary pedigree of her native Corregidor. Rounding up the team is the awe-inspiring Valkyrie, a formidable sellsword and loyal bodyguard to Hannibal. The team is a well-oiled fighting machine led by a dubious moral compass.

The same dubious morality informs Hannibal’s dealings outside the HexaDome. Despite his success as an Aristo and team owner, Hannibal has maintained a working relationship with Van Orton and his Foreign Company. Since Hannibal isn’t adverse to actual field work, Van Orton has been offering him noteworthy jobs to raise his team’s public profile or, alternatively, covert operations with iron-clad confidentiality clauses and extortionate rates.

Inside the HexaDome, Hannibal plays the role of a leader and tactician. He studies his foes before, during and after each game, always looking for a weakness to exploit and assessing the right moment to strike for maximum impact. He’s far from the toughest fighter in the circuit, but his intelligence and cunning set him apart from the chaff. With him at the helm, his team always has the wit to seize the upper hand and the guts to bash the other team to death with it.

“Hell, yeah. I love it when a plan comes together.”[2]

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