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Haetae means “myhtlic lion.” Haetae isn’t strictly Korean, kinda like the vaguely Asian stuff you see in Chinatown. Classic Yu Jing imperialist language. Haetae are the reformed remnants of the 14th Urban Defense Korean Regiment; a unit that was absolutely decimated, losing 75% of its strength during an epic defense during the First Paradiso Offensive. Mostly young recruits aimed at fighting internal insurgencies or skirmishes, the few survivors of the 14th UDKR were anything but green.

They were rechristened as the Haetae unit. Haetae now often fight alone, every one of them veteran heavy infantry with massive guns and an absolute refusal to look cowardly in the face of the enemy.

The outcome of a battle is always unpredictable. No matter how much intelligence you gather, how many analyses you carry out, what competitive advantages you possess, or how many dirty tricks you have up your sleeve, nothing can guarantee victory. Ultimately the specific circumstances, the weather, the setting, and above everything else the human factor can be as unforeseeable as they are unexpected, and they can disrupt the entire course of the fight, throwing off every plan already in place.

This is what happened with the 14th Urban Defense Korean Regiment (UDKR), which was garrisoned in the riverside town of Gimhwa (김화 읍), in Septentria, Paradiso. This small town was one of the first to be attacked by the Combined Army during the First Paradiso Offensive. Faced with the alien army’s push and the forces of the StateEmpire spread too thinly at the time, the High Command considered the town lost, realizing that it would be impossible to reinforce its garrison. When the Combined Army launched its first assault on Gimhwa, everyone thought the city and all its inhabitants were doomed. However no one anticipated the sense of duty, strong commitment, and national pride so characteristic of Koreans, and these values pervaded the esprit de corps of the 14th Regiment. Committed to the protection and defense of the civilian population, the troops of the 14th Regiment stood their ground against the Combined Army forces, and they managed to hold them off in the first days of the attack.

Finally, confined within a small area around a hospital complex, the troops of the UDKR fought bravely, desperately, to allow the evacuation of the field hospital, which was full to the brim with civilian patients as well as the wounded members of the regiment. The final tally of Gimhwa’s defense was the evacuation of seventy-nine percent of the civilian population, at the cost of losing seventy-five percent of the 14th Regiment. The only survivors of this UDKR were the wounded troops who were evacuated in the last transport that took off from the field hospital and who were welcomed as true heroes upon their arrival at the rear.

The UDKR survivors became the core of this new unit, which was fitted with heavy servopowered armor to enhance their survivability in combat, as well as their deadliness and firepower, thus boosting the impact and relevance of each one of those soldiers in battle. These heroes’ specialty would still be their resistance against superior enemy forces, preserving the unit’s original esprit de corps, but now they would be well equipped for it, being able to fight back against whatever their opponents might throw at them. Since they were the inspiring defenders of the Korean people and one of their cities, and considering that the denomination UDKR could no longer apply to them, this new unit was named Haetae (해태), after the mythical creature with the body of a lion covered with scales and a horn on its forehead that has been the symbolic defender of the Korean capital since the Joseon period. [1]



ISC: HaeTae Unit Veteran Troop Heavy Infantry
Fury: Not Impetuous Training: Regular Back-Up: Cube
4-4 15 14 12 12 5 6 2 5
Skills and Equipment: Immunity (Shock), Religious Troop, Tactical Awareness
Loadout Special Skills Weapons and Equipment Melee Weapons Points SWC
1 Heavy Machine Gun Assault Pistol, PARA CC Weapon (-6) 41 1.5
2 BS Attack (Guided) Heavy Rocket Launcher (+1B) Assault Pistol, PARA CC Weapon (-6) 37 1.5
3 Reinf. Heavy Machine Gun Assault Pistol, PARA CC Weapon (-6) 41 1.5
4 Reinf. BS Attack (Guided) Heavy Rocket Launcher (+1B) Assault Pistol, PARA CC Weapon (-6) 37 1.5


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Reinf. Haetae Unit (HMG) REF: 281336-1029

Photo Credit: Azaries

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