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The newest addition to the star-studded halls of Aristeia! is so fast she seems to be everywhere at once, and every camera lens works double to keep up with her, both inside and outside the HexaDome. Gata's upbeat, vibrant personality makes her merchandise fly off the shelves as quickly as she flies over her opponent's heads.[1]


The latest teenage idol to grace our screens is a little orphan who made a dizzying journey from destitution to superstardom.

Cátia was born in the Belagua favela on planet Acontecimento, where hunger pushed her to a childhood of larceny. Her self-preservation instincts taught her to pick a pocket or lift a piece of fruit, and then make a dash for it. Run for it, and keep running. She grew up fleeing every danger, but danger was always half a step behind. Even as she dodged the prostitution rings that swallow so many lives like hers, she found herself taking courier jobs for the kind of people one can’t afford to disappoint. That kept her head above water for a few days, but money never lasted long.

At sixteen, her luck finally turned. Desperate to leave Acontecimento, she stole a briefcase from a businesswoman who was clearly guarding something valuable. She thought fencing it would pay for her ticket into space and a clean start somewhere else, but the woman’s bodyguards had other plans. These weren’t the apathetic cops she was used to, they were well-trained mercenaries who tracked her like hounds.

In the free-running chase that ensued, Cátia unknowingly broke into the set of a film being shot. Even though the security agents were in peak physical shape, the girl humiliated them with her acrobatics on her way to the exit. Among the many witnesses was a renowned talent scout named Sophia Kreuziger, who requested a copy of the footage so she could examine the young thief’s pirouettes.

Cátia was ultimately captured, but Sophia and her lawyers interceded and managed to convince the owner of the briefcase to drop all charges. In return for Sophia’s legal and professional representation, Cátia fulfilled her dream to move off-planet, and Sophia got a new star—one which would shine brightly indeed—at a steal.

Will Gata outrun her competitors to the top of the charts?[2]

Her real name is Cátia Aparecida Saraiba, and she spent her childhood as an orphan on the streets of the Belagua favela on Acontecimento, where she was on track to become an infamous cat burglar before she met her current manager, Sophia Kreuziger.

From the murky slums of Corregidor to the high arcologies on Neoterra, everyone seems to find a reason to love Gata. Soon after her reveal, she became one of the most popular stars in Maya, gathering fans from all over the Human Sphere. Her natural, cheerful and charismatic personality has had as much to do with her success as her incredible skills and lithely moves. Of course, Vissiorama didn’t miss the chance to take advantage of her popularity and invested greatly in her career. Now, she has gone beyond the arena to become not just one more trendsetter, but a movie star, a singer, and a fashion designer.[3]

Cátia Aparecida Saraiva, also known throughout the whole Human Sphere as Gata, is undoubtedly an Aristeia! superstar and probably one of the more beloved Aristos in the entire Aristeia community.

Cheerful, charismatic, friendly, as she is agile and fast; Gata shows it every time she jumps to the HexaDome and becomes the most implacable scorer of the greatest sports show in the Human Sphere.[4]


Current Miniature

Infinity the Game

None at this time.

Aristeia the Game

Alternate Skins

Gata Flibusteira

"Is there something cooler than a pirate? Gata is the point thief of Aristeia! She steals the game from right under your nose. She’s elusive, mocking, and mischievous... If you think about a historical icon that represents those virtues, you inevitably will think about a pirate, who scoffed at the imperial armies while taking their booty."

Thanks to her popularity, Gata was the most likely to become the next character in Aristeia! to receive a new skin after Maximus, Parvati and hEXx3r. Several outfits were proposed for the young garota of Acontecimento, from a 'Rockabilly' theme, an outfit based on a 'rollerball' skater, to the skin that we present to you today: 'Pirate' cat.[5]

Limited Edition

None at this time.

Out of Print Miniatures

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