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The Galactic Hitchhikers like to travel all around the Human Sphere for free, even if that means they sometimes stow away on a ship or two. If they get caught they can get into trouble, but the real trouble starts when they see something they shouldn't have seen, which is what happened to Nakia Usman, now pursued by some of the Sphere's best agents. A situation in which it is not easy to follow the hitchhikers' motto and not panic.

It’s expensive to travel. Visiting other systems, and getting to know the Human Sphere firsthand, is an endeavor that requires expending a lot of Oceanas, but money should never be a limitation for those who are gifted with an adventurous spirit. As was common in every port in the old days, space routes are populated with individuals who have no roots, people who are constantly on the move and are just looking for passage to some new place. If they can obtain it for free, appealing to the good graces and the need for fellowship of lone pilots or crews who are sick and tired of seeing the same faces all the time, then that’s fantastic. However if they must roll up their sleeves and accept some unskilled job, they’ll do it without hesitation. These galactic hitchhikers are a very heterogeneous bunch and have little in common with each other. Some of them are trying to escape from their past, usually because of debts, some awkward responsibilities, or family obligations. Other hitchhikers are simply adventurers, curious souls who are always eager to see what’s around the corner and are avid for new experiences. But they all have in common a flexible and resilient character, they know how to adapt to any circumstance, and they never panic.

Unpredictable, opportunistic wanderers who suddenly pop up anywhere, many of these galactic hitchhikers are just a modern version of those roving construction day workers who would take jobs wherever they were available, while others bear the legacy of those writers of travel guides who would pave the way for other travelers. It was precisely the latter, ever willing to share their experiences, who founded the Galactic Hitchhikers Society. This motley crew is more of a network of like-minded people than a formal organization, and it will offer support to anyone who wishes to grab a towel and take to the space routes. Hitchhikers share their experiences, both on Maya and Arachne, offering other people advice and guidance about accommodations, dangers on the routes, which ships may be willing to ferry them, and the general condition of those ships. [1]


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