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The unquestioned backbone of the PanOceanian military, Fusiliers consider themselves the light infantry troop to judge all others by. Professional soldiers hailing from every corner of PanOceania, many citizens have spent a tour of duty with the Fusiliers. While not all go on to careers in the military, most look back on their service with immense pride.

Fusiliers commonly posit that they form the heart of the army—everyone else is basically their support staff. And while this sentiment is echoed with a range of intentions from comical to dead serious, it wouldn’t survive this long without at least a grain of truth.

Fusiliers often represent non-elite units (like logistics, drivers, supply officers, and so on) that are occasionally called on for combat patrol duties. Fusiliers are also often representative of soldiers and mercenaries that are not PanOceanian, per se, but use their fairly common playbook - basic training and expensive weaponry.

Ubiquitous, modern, and versatile, Fusiliers are the binding agent that holds the PanOceanian Military Complex together.[1]

Fusiliers are the backbone of the PanOceanian Military Complex, with presence in all PanOceanian territories - Acontecimento, Varuna, Svalarheima and Earth. 

The members of this light infantry corps are professional soldiers trained in a wide variety of combat situations who know they can count on plentiful resources and constant support. They are fine combatants, thoroughly drilled and ready to participate in modern day conflicts, both domestic and foreign. Fusiliers are the best corps in the army, the ones who buckle down and get things done. The rest are there only to give them support. Forget about fancy hi-tech weapons and special operations, Fusiliers are the army.

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Known Fusiliers

  • Fusilier Angus
  • Woo Bong-Gyun - only survivor of his platoon after an expedition to Dawn. Became a WarCor to learn why. Kickstarter backer.
  • Sgt. Cross
  • Jim Cochrane - One of the four main characters in Downfall.
  • Shankar Priya - One of the four main characters in Downfall.

Known Units

  • 6th Svalarheima Fusiliers - tough, make up the largest unit. Part of the Svalarheima WinerFor.



ISC: Fusiliers Line Troop Light Infantry
Fury: Not Imeptuous Training: Regular Back-Up: Cube
4-4 13 12 10 12 1 0 1 2
Skills and Equipment:
Loadout Special Skills Weapons and Equipment Melee Weapons Points SWC
1 Combi Rifle Pistol, CC Weapon 10 0
2 Heavy Machine Gun Pistol, CC Weapon 18 1
3 Combi Rifle, Grenade Launcher Pistol, CC Weapon 14 1
4 Missile Launcher Pistol, CC Weapon 15 1.5
5 MULTI Sniper Rifle Pistol, CC Weapon 17 1.5
6 Hacking Device, Hacker Combi Rifle Pistol, CC Weapon 15 0.5
7 Deployable Repeater, Forward Observer Combi Rifle, Flash Pulse Pistol, CC Weapon 12 0
8 MediKit, Paramedic Combi Rifle Pistol, CC Weapon 12 0
9 Lieutenant Combi Rifle Pistol, CC Weapon 10 0
10 Commlink (+1), Specialist Operative Combi Rifle Pistol, CC Weapon 12 0


ISC: Fusiliers Light Infantry
Fury: Non-Impetuous Training: Regular Back-Up: Cube
4-4 13 12 10 12 1 0 1 2
Skills and Equipment:
Name Skills and Equipment BS Weapons CC Weapons Points SWC
Combi Combi Rifle Knife, Pistol 10 0
HMG HMG Knife, Pistol 18 1
Hacker Hacking Device Combi Rifle Knife, Pistol 18 0.5
Missile Launcher Missile Launcher Knife, Pistol 15 1.5
Grenadier Light Grenade Launcher, Combi Rifle Knife, Pistol 14 1
MULTI Sniper Rifle MULTI Sniper Rifle Knife, Pistol 18 1.5
Lieutenant Lieutenant Combi Rifle Knife, Pistol 10 0
Paramedic MediKit Combi Rifle Knife, Pistol 12 0
Observer+Repeater Forward Observer, Deployable Repeater Combi Rifle Knife, Pistol 12 0


Current Miniatures

Missile Launcher
Originally submitted by Azaries

Old Miniatures

https://youtu.be/q3RSFmFr_dk 360 view

Limited Edition

Forward Observer included in the PanOceania paint sent from Vallejo (70.235). [Link to Vallejo's website]

Originally submitted by Cervantes3773


  1. PanOceania 87