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Aristeia! is nothing but a game. I am the huntress and you’re my prey.

Dart is the richest heiress of Aura Biochemicals and uses her fortune to be the best extreme athlete in the Sphere. Will Aristeia! satisfy her thirst for risk and adventure?[1]

DART | The deadly archer of Aura Biochemicals

Paola Duarte was born into a rich industrial family on Acontecimento. The Duarte family are the founders and sole owners of Aura Biochemicals, a conglomerate specialized in the use of natural resources to create biochemical compounds with multiple applications in the Human Sphere. As a future heiress, Paola was educated since childhood in a diverse array of subjects that would be a valuable tool in the management of her future birthright: biochemistry, business management, finance, law and many others. However, the young Duarte preferred to organize parties and enjoyed practicing all kinds of risk-taking sports to their fullest, which became her passion. Whenever she could, she would escape to a new adventure full of risk and danger.

One day, she left in search a magnificent trophy to add to her collection: a dangerous onças-pretas - huge cats that hunt from the trees, and the most fierce predators of Acontecimento. In order to do this, she climbed upside down from a Tubarão flying at full speed along the tops of the Great Arboreal Reserve. She tensed her bow ─ her favorite weapon─ pointing at one of these creatures when something went wrong with the engine and the air vehicle exploded right in the middle of the flight. Paola fell into the thicket, barely surviving the landing, to find herself alone in the jungle - miles away from any form of civilization. She spent three weeks equipped only with her bow and her knowledge of biochemistry and survival, hunting and stalking the beasts of the Great Reserve, until she located a Ranger Service patrol.

The joy of the meeting brought up mixed emotions of disappointment her all-time favorite adventure was coming to an end. That accident brought her to the brink of her abilities, her skills, and her knowledge. No extreme sport had ever given her the personal growth and rush of adrenaline that this experience made her feel.

As a result, Paola started on a campaign for the protection of the Grand Reserve, and it did not take much effort to convince the directors of the board that it would be better for the company by becoming the brand's representative rather than its manager. After participating in several promotional campaigns, last season ended with Dart as a guest star in an Aristeia! championship exclusive for celebrities, another challenge that reminded her of those old hunting days in the Reserve. Excited, she has decided to conquer the title of Bahadur this year, and has reformulated her image to become Dart, the hunter of the mortal bow, and the champion of Aura Biochemicals in Aristeia![2]

Dart is a natural adventurer, always seeking exciting challenges. She won’t hesitate to risk her own life just to feel another adrenaline rush. She is willing to use all the fortune of her family business, Aura Biochemicals, to become the Bahadur of this season.[3]

Paola Duarte is the rich heiress of an empire -the business conglomerate Aura Biochemicals, specializing in using natural resources to create biochemical compounds. Her passion and dedication to extreme sports has led her to introduce herself as the icon of Aura Biochemicals in Aristeia! The company will give the world a glimpse of its advances in research, and she’ll enjoy the challenge of hunting the best aristos of the Human Sphere.[4]



ISC: Dart, Optimate Huntress Character Skirmisher
Fury: Non-Impetuous Training: Regular Back-Up: Cube 2.0
4-4 17 13 13 13 1 3 1 2
Skills and Equipment: Multispectral Visor L1, Surprise Attack (-3), Camouflage, Courage, Forward Deployment (+8"), Mimetism (-3), Immunity (Shock), Stealth, No Wound Incapacitation, Terrain (Total), Climbing Plus
Loadout Special Skills Weapons and Equipment Melee Weapons Points SWC
1 Submachine Gun, Viral Tactical Bow, E/M Grenades Pistol, Shock CCW 34 0
2 Submachine Gun, Viral Tactical Bow, Shock Mines Pistol, Shock CCW 34 0


ISC: Dart, Optimate Huntress Skirmisher
Fury: Non-Impetuous Training: Regular Back-Up: Cube 2.0
4-4 16 13 13 13 1 3 1 2
Skills and Equipment: Multispectral Visor L1, Bioimmunity, CH: Camouflage, Forward Deployment L2, Multiterrain, Climbing Plus, V: No Wound Incapacitation
Name Skills and Equipment BS Weapons CC Weapons Points SWC
Grenades Submachine Gun, Viral Tactical Bow, E/M Grenades Shock CCW, Knife, Pistol 34 0
Mines Submachine Gun, Viral Tactical Bow, Antipersonnel Mines Shock CCW, Knife, Pistol 34 0

Infinity the Game

Aristeia the Game


Infinity the Game

Aristeia the Game

Current Miniatures

Infinity the Game

REF: 280863-0756

Photo Credit: Azaries

Aristeia the Game

Included in the Aristeia expansion Human Fate.

Out of Print Miniatures

None at this time.

Limited Edition

Gen Con 2018 Dart

Released as a Gen Con 2018 Exclusive miniature. Packaged with two round bases (25mm and 30mm), four Aristeia character cards (the same card in four languages), and an Aristeia initiative card.

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