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As part of the conglomerate of companies that form Boylik Corp, the corporation owned by Qaid Fahesh, the Dahshat Company is one of the instruments that this magnate uses to consolidate his power in the Silk Consortium. Unconfirmed rumors ensure that this company is also the tool with which Fahesh maintains his leadership position in Submondo, the fearsome international criminal organization he is believed to be part of.

Far from the honorable tradition of Kaplan Tactical Services, its main com-petitors on Bourak, the Dahshat Company is famous for its discretion. These mercenaries ask no questions. Those on the payroll of Qaid Fahesh do their job with professionalism; they fulfill the contract and keep their mouths shut. The corporate policy is that while the client pays, neither their objectives nor the methods that may be necessary to meet them are questioned. This company accepts the contracts that the Kaplans reject due to ethical con-flicts without raising any objections or formulating any questions. Don’t be fooled— although this mercenary company is headquartered on Bourak, it has no place for Haqqislamite ideals. For Dahshat, the only rule that applies is: if the client pays, then the client is right. Period. [1]


Below is a list of units which are available to this faction, except those which are only available during specific ITS seasons.

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