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The Corash-Naish troops [O-12 Designation-Code: Corax (Latin term for crow")] are the birds of prey in the Shasvastii Expeditionary Force equivalent of a Military Intelligence Service. They are tasked with all the dirty work of special operations units. Known by intelligence operators of the coalition forces as the “Master Liars”, the Corax stand out for their duplicity in the midst of a race characterized for its taste for deception, treachery and lies. Because, without a doubt, it is operating in the shadows and behind the enemy lines where these vile Shasvastii are the happiest. The Corax are natural dwellers in that dark world full of secrets that is the covert operations sphere. These troops have received the “Naish” denomination for being a special unit subjected to the necessary body alterations to be able to undertake sabotage and destruction missions in our rearguard more easily. However, the Corax have not only received their O-12 designation-code due to a spelling similarity of their name with the Latin term for “crow”, but also because, like these birds, they are dark creatures that presage terrible acts."


Current Miniatures

Originally submitted by Von Skyfury, shared here courtesy of Pen of Penemue

Old Miniatures