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This is the seat of O-12 - the interplanetary organization with total jurisdiction over the Human Sphere. In Concilium Prima, the laws that even the great powers must abide by are decreed, and the path humanity must take towards its great destiny among the stars is traced. This planet had to be terraformed to make it habitable, and it is one of the most sparsely populated worlds in the entire Sphere. Most of the population is concentrated in the so-called Living Cities, a very functional landscaped urban space of great beauty. Concilium Prima is home to O-12 and all its Bureaus, as well as to the Öberhaus and the High Court - where the Senate of O-12 votes on and enforces various laws. If Earth is the spiritual core of humanity, Concilium Prima is its political heart - a heart that, after the Cerberus Crisis, has been threatened by the alien invasion. The Combined Army now bides its time after having seized control of the antarctic region of the planet.[1]


lots o' plants


  • "Pubblies" are a cat-like species that contain Hedonavoltic-C, a euphoria-inducing compound. They are abundant on Concilium, but also beloved by families that adopt them. Many find them "very cute."

Planet Statistics

Distance from Star: 1.3 AU

Orbital Revolution: 541 days

Rotation: 23 hours

Radius: 0,9 Earth radius

Surface Gravity: 1.10 g

Planet Data File

Head of government: Bureau Concilium Director

Capital: Edda

Population of Planet: 98 million

Off-Planet System Population: 0.76 million

Main Languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese, Esperanto.

Main Industries: Politics, Education, Research.



Home to Bureau Aegis Urban Warfare Training Center


Derr Irrgarten Psi Unit’s training center