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Kickstarter RPG and General Release Alternatives

Six limited edition miniatures are due to be released as part of the Infinity the Game RPG by Modiphius[1]. Each of these has since had a general release version made available also. Of these, five are for general use as civilians whereas Yevgueni Voronin has actual game rules for his general release version (albeit, on a 55mm base).

Corporate Executive HVT

Dragon Lady HVT

High Functionary HVT

Midnight Sun Analyst HVT

Tariqa HVT

Yevgueni Voronin (HVT)

The six miniatures were distributed individually in blisters and also in a box of all six, depending on how many each Kickstarter backer ordered.

Agents of the Human Sphere, RPG Characters Set.

REF: 280744-0810

If you've decided to live through endless adventures throughout the confines of the galaxy, the best thing to do is to team up with the most courageous, daring and reckless agents of the Human Sphere.

These miniatures can be used as HVT (High Value Objective) representing civilians or non-combatant personnel, who, by knowledge, position or any other reason, turn out to be a valuable resource for the two conflicting forces.

This box includes four miniatures. One character from PanOceania, one from Yu Jing, one from Ariadna and one from the Nomad nations. The most diverse team to represent your heroes in the epic adventures of the Infinity Roleplaying Game.


1x Military Order Operator

1x Yu Jing TAG Pilot

1x Ariadnan Thug

1x Nomad Mad Scientist

Dire Foes

These scenario packs each come with three miniatures - two characters for opposing factions as well as a civilian.

Candy Double



Freelance Stringer

Fusilier Angus

Hazmat Civilian


Liberty Cargo Pilot

Marine Engineering Officer

NGO Volunteer


VIP Executive

Yu Jing Ambassador

Zabuk, Morat Enslavers

Underworld Fixer

Galactic Hitchhiker

Roller Girl

Limited Edition, Bootleg and other HVTs

GoGo Marlene

O-12 High Commissioner

Pneumarch of the Ur Hegemony

Kuge Delegate

Tohaa Diplomatic Delegate [H-S]: This miniature can be used as an HVT/Civvie, but it also has a trooper profile.

Dragon Lady HVT (Limited Edition)

Military Order Grand Master