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Troopers in this category are those available to the Nomad Jurisdictional Command of Tunguksa sectorial list. It does not include ITS-specific units (such as the ITS Corporate Security Unit) or any units which are solely available as Reinforcements.

"Secrecy is key in Tunguska. So, you will only be provided with the need-to-know information necessary to accomplish your mission, and nothing else. Encapsulation. What you don't know you can't disclose. But don't feel bad about it. We trust each and every one of you, but we prefer not to take unnecessary risks. Secrets are a way of life in Tunguska. No one knows everything aboard this ship... except me, obviously, and it has become part of my own personal charm." Colonel Nikolai Steranko, Dragnet Director of Operations, War Room A-2. Exact location unknown. Centrum. Tunguska.