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Caskudas are insects similar to cockroaches, but worse. Native to Acontecimiento, they are big, reproduce at full speed, can fly, have a very resistant shell and are immune to almost any legal insecticide.

Overall, an absolutely hateful, foul and disgusting nightmare. The first time that PanOceanian troops suffered an attack from the Concordat Armoured Jump Operators, they reminded them so much of those disgusting creatures that they baptized them with the same name. Caskudas are T.A.G.s equipped with trans-atmospheric flight units that can be launched from atmospheric aircraft or from planetary orbit. During re-entry to the atmosphere, the acceleration can surpass 6Gs. The adaptable geometry of Caskudas can assume complex aerodynamic models to maximise speed and reduce friction. From thirteen miles of height, their repulsors are activated to descend at supersonic speeds and then gradually diminish to the subsonic. Stabilizing fins erupt from their backs with the aim of adapting to the higher density of atmosphere. Their entry to the battlefield could be easily mistaken for a meteorite shower until they land… In fact, Caskudas do not actually land, even though they could if they wanted to. Caskudas crash and explode all over the battlefield, trying to spread confusion in the enemy ranks. So, the sequence is this: first you feel the impact of an artillery projectile, then the projectile arises from the ground and starts shooting everybody. How would you feel if the enemy bombs you with heavily armoured T.A.G.s?

Caskudas are insect-like creatures similar to cockroaches, only worse. Hailing from Acontecimento, these are large bugs that can breed rapidly, fly, have a stronger shell than usual, and are immune to most legal insecticides. They are an utterly hateful, filthy, and disgusting nightmare. The first time PanOceanic troopers suffered an attack from the Armored Jump Operators of the Mercenary Contracts Department, they were reminded so much of those damn bugs that they gave them the same nickname.

Caskudas are TAGs equipped to act as trans-atmospheric jump units, which can be launched into the operations theater from both planetary orbit and any aircraft below the Kármán line. When Caskudas hit the battlefield, they cause a massive explosion that serves the purpose of sowing chaos among the enemy ranks. The effect is truly terrifying: first, an artillery shell falls, then the projectile rises and starts firing.



ISC: Caskuda Armoured Jump Operator Mechanized Troop Tactical Armour Gear
Fury: Not Imeptuous Training: Regular Back-Up: No Cube
6-4 18 14 16 12 7 6 3 7
Skills and Equipment: Combat Jump (PH=14), Combat Jump (Explosion), Remote Presence, BS Attack (+2 Damage), Courage, ECM: Guided (-6), Dodge (PH=11), Immunity (Shock), GizmoKit (PH=13), Tactical Awareness
Loadout Special Skills Weapons and Equipment Melee Weapons Points SWC
1 Combi Rifle (AP), Chain Rifle (+1B) CC Weapon 64 1.5
2 Reinf Combi Rifle (AP), Chain Rifle (+1B) CC Weapon 53 1.5

Highlighted Skills available for regular profiles only, and not Reinforcements.

Note: Staldron pilot.


Current Miniatures

Note: the limited release came with a scenic base, and the current general release does not.

REF: 281632-1062 (General Release)

REF: 280049-1014 (Caskuda vs. Maximus Exclusive Release)

Photo Credit: CatFaceJoe

Old Miniatures

The Caskuda, and all Exrah units, were retired from the game in the transition from N2 to N3.