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A desert planet with a very unforgiving climate - it is currently in the process of being terraformed. It features lush oases and nature preserves that support the farming of Silk, the precious substance needed for Cube and Resurrection technology.

Bourak is the home of Haqqislam, a unified power and a state comprising both those faithful to Allah and seekers of Knowledge that come from the entire Human Sphere. Mirroring this diversity, the planet is divided into different semi-autonomous democratic regions that have their own characteristic and distinct idiosyncrasies, but they are all fully committed to the Search for Knowledge - the philosophical journey of Haqqislam.[1]

Planet Statistics

Distance from Star: 0.55 UA

Orbital Revolution: 167 days

Rotation: 22 hours

Radius: 0.9 Earth radius

Surface Gravity: 0.98g

Planet Data File

Type of government: Parliamentary Democracy

Head of government: Hachib

Capital: Khadijah

Population of Planet: 1.5 billion

Off-Planet System Population: 1 million

Main Languages: Arabic, Turkish, Farsi

Main Industries: Silk, Biomedical, Terraforming Technology