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ALEPH is the unique Artificial Intelligence controlling the data networks and technological systems of the entire Human Sphere. ALEPH is humanity’s great ally, and without it, intergalactic socio-political and economical systems would fall apart almost instantly. 

But, who can know what ALEPH really thinks? Its representatives will tell you that for the AI, the Sphere is its home and its responsibility: that which it was created to help and with which it will walk towards the future, putting all its efforts to Humanity’s service. Its detractors, the Nomad Nation, will assure you that for ALEPH the Sphere is a playground, a puppet theatre to manipulate, a simple means to a singular end, which is total domination by ALEPH itself.

Who can possibly know what ALEPH thinks? Its representatives will tell you that, for the AI, the Sphere is its home and its responsibility, the creator it must help in order to walk together into the future, putting all of its efforts towards the progress of humanity. Its detractors, the Nomad Nation, will assure you that for ALEPH, the Sphere is a playground, the puppet theater to direct, a simple medium for its one and only purpose, which is an advancement of ALEPH itself.[1]

ALEPH, is the sole artificial intelligence that oversees the data network of the human sphere and most major international technological systems. ALEPH is the greatest ally of humanity, and without her, the intergalactic sociopolitical and economic framework would crumble. ALEPH possesses a tactical branch, named special situations section or SSS for short, that was created to fight against the alien threat of the combined army, but also to persecute all of those who dare to create other artificial intelligence like her.[2]

Steel Phalanx

The Assault Subsection, more commonly known to the mass media as the Myrmidon Army or “the Steel Phalanx of ALEPH”, was created by the AI as a response to the unstoppable menace of the Combined Army. Commanded by Achilles and forged in the crucible of war, the Steel Phalanx is an unyielding force worthy of the Trojan War’s epic poems. It is a shock force with a focus on brutal direct assaults, and the chief weapon of ALEPH in its personal feud against its fearsome alien counterpart, the EI.

The Assault Subsection is known as the Steel Phalanx or informally as the Myrmidon Army, though that can lead to confusion with the actual Myrmidon troops. It has proven to be worth its weight in Teseum in the Paradiso front. The furthest thing from a cold, efficient machine army, the Steel Phalanx are comrades-in-arms. They boast, they sing, they compete for glory with their hearts aflame. Indeed, despite having access to the greatest tactician in human history in ALEPH, the Steel Phalanx can often seem ruled by their emotions, even to the point of making suboptimal decisions on the battlefield, ruled by their burning hearts rather than cold logi

Operations Subsection

The Operations Sub-section, better known as OperationS are the most commonly encountered forms of ALEPH. OperationS is comprised of a wide range of Functionaries designed to fill a varied set of roles. These Functionaries provide advice to O-12, nation states, and corporations, often as physical forms carefully selected to best suit their purpose. They are the voice of ALEPH in the halls of power, advising and encouraging, offering support and creative solutions to issues that range from the financial to the industrial, from the social to the diplomatic, and most regularly on issues of security and military strategy.

OperationS Functionaries are used as the face of ALEPH on Maya, these can be stunning and ethereally beautiful, like Spokeswoman Angela, or the pale, hairless Functionaries that are instantly recognisable as ALEPH. These perform a variety of roles for the AI, from propaganda to news reporting.

By far the most common members of OperationS are the Functionaries built to perform clandestine operations. These execute their role of hunting down rumours of rogue AIs with ruthless efficiency. However, they have also been used by O-12 and specific nations to perform operations across the Human Sphere like executing clandestine missions against dissident activities, criminal groups, and seditious organisations. These Functionaries are typically pale and hairless, but mission parameters often require deep cover operatives to rise through an organisation, gain the trust of people, or to destroy a group from the inside out. Such Functionaries are indistinguishable from humans, and carefully designed with deep personalities and histories relevant to the operation. Of course, they are also in constant contact with ALEPH, and their efficiency in dealing with problems is merciless and absolute. Members of OperationS are typically given names from Hindu and Vedic mythologies.

Support Subsection

The last of the three Sub-sections of the SSS is the Support Sub-section. Composed predominantly of robotic units with pseudo-AIs and a few Lhosts, their key function is that of an emergency service. Working with state-of-the-art remotes and equipment, the Support Sub-section is designed to quickly get anywhere at any time in order to perform the duties required of it. Operating independently or as small swarms, they deal with medical crises, serious accidents or events, or support military units or the other Sub-sections on the battlefield as trauma docs and field surgeons. Support Sub-section remotes are often asked to investigate and rescue crews from spaceship inci- dents, from colonies where there has been some form of disaster, or from mining outposts. More than just a glorified emergency service though, the Support Sub-section finds and relays vital infor- mation in real-time while performing equipment dumps, troop deployments, and quick evacuations. Support Sub-section members are typically named after letters in the Hebrew alphabet, Vedic myths for newer remotes, or Hindu numbers for their militarized units.

ANK Program

Part of Support Subsection.

  • Unit 17 - Satrah - Hunters
  • Unit 21 - Ikkis - Transorbital insertion and extraction using shuttles with weapons
  • Unit 31 - Ikkatis - Planetary Transport Operations
    • Subunit 32 - Battis - Ground Transport
    • Subunit 33 - Taimtis - Air Transport
    • Subunit 34 - Caumtis
  • Unit 48 - Artalis - Multipurpose Team
  • Unit 59 - Unsath - Riksha Tacbot Support
  • Unit 89 - Navasi - Rarely seen but valued maintenance of robotic mobile artillery units

Many more behind the scenes.


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