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PanOceania’s breadbasket and factory planet. The second system to be added to the Sphere, Acontecimento saw massive colonization by Latinos and other PanOceanian ‘minorities’. Acontecimento is a planet of contrasts. Endless crop fields and pastures alternate with vast, sprawling factory compounds that meet most of the industrial needs of PanOceania.

Acontecimento also has one of the largest Natural Parks in the Sphere, the Great Arboreal Reserve, the last remnant of the planet’s original biome. [1]

Planet Statistics

Distance from Star: 0.85 UA

Orbital Revolution: 299 days

Rotation: 24.5 hours

Radius: 1.14 Earth radius

Surface Gravity: 0.9g

Planet Data File

Type of government: Lobby Democracy

Head of government: Prime Minister

Capital: Cidade BomJesus

Population of Planet: 3.9 billion

Off-Planet System Population: 300 million

Main Languages: Portuguese, Hindi, Punjabi, Spanish

Main Industries: Agriculture, Mining, Zero-G Construction