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Corvus Belli have created a variety of optional accessories to help enhance your games of Infinity, such as:

There are also a number of third-parties who produce licensed products for Infinity such as MicroArtStudio, Games Badges, Bandua.


From the early days of Infinity, here is a set of fanzines mirrored from the Wargaming Trading website.

Download File No. 0

  • Game Introduction
  • The Art of War
  • Bibliotek News
  • Bibliotek Interview
  • Mini-verse – Painting Guide / Painted & Converted Miniatures
  • Story
  • Comic strip

Download File No. 1

Art of War

  • Last Hour: Nomad Minitatures / Spanish players federation
  • Bibliotek reports: Assault to Corvus Belli & Daily News
  • Bibliotek interview
  • Mini-verse: How to paint a veteran kazak / Painted & Converted Miniatures
  • Stories
  • Comic strip
  • Game Help

Download File No. 2

  • Art of War
  • Gaming Aids: Ghost in the Shell
  • Bibliotek reports: Concept Art Hospitaliers & Daily News
  • Bibliotek Interview
  • Mini-verse: Remote Conversion guide / Painted & Converted Miniatures
  • Story “Freedom Pulse”
  • Comic strip

Download File No. 3

  • Art of War
  • Bibliotek reports: Daily News & Human Sphere Timeline
  • Bibliotek interview
  • Story “Hunter”
  • Mini-verse: Customizing a Maghariba / Individualizing your troops / size comparative/ miniatures gallery
  • Player aid: Index / easy terrain
  • Comic strip