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“यश या मृत्यु // Death or Glory”

Motto of the Zulu-Cobra Reconnaisance and Special Intervention Group, inherited from CoBRA

I learned to prowl silently, I learned to track and surveil, I learned to determine my quarry's customs and anticipate their movements. I learned to wait for my pulse to steady to align the perfect shot, just as I learned to trust my instincts when they tell me to rush into combat. I learned to kill. All this I learned before I could become a Zulu-Cobra."
Staff Sergeant Zila Baul, Zulu-Cobra RSIG unit, stated during inter-service training sessions for Paradiso Coordinated Command Forces. Camp endurance, Norstralia.

Zulu-Cobras are the heirs to two historical units.

Zulu stands for the Z Special Unit, a joint Allied special forces unit formed during the Second World War to operate behind Japanese lines in South East Asia. Predominantly Australian, Z Special Unit was a specialist reconnaissance and sabotage unit that included British, Dutch, New Zealand, Timorese and Indonesian members that fought on large islands in Southeast Asia during the Second World War.[1]

Unit alludes to the CoBRA Unit, an Indian police force unit developed to fight the Naxalite–Maoist insurgency.[2]

The modern Reconnaisance and Special Intervention Group, or RSIG, covers the competencies of both of those units - at home for amphibious and jungle warfare - so it was given the name to honor both of its predecessors.

The Zulu-Cobra RSIG units have their own idiosyncratic ethos and regimental customs. Zulu-Cobras almost always to prefer to fight at night, abandoning their camps when the sun sets to get to the front line in the evening.

The entire group is essentially trained for asymmetric warfare and guerilla operations, despite the fact that POSOC often calls on them to for frontline action. Although they would prefer to be operating in small teams far behind enemy lines, PanOceania Special Operations Command suborns them into a more traditional command structure; not the worst fate, but not their preferred activity. POSOC values their skills as disruptors; units wield Jammers in the literal sense (equipped with advanced comms-destroying gear they'd use on guerilla operations) or in the metaphorical sense (having rigged the place with traps and disruptive equipment, or wielding Killer Hacker Devices to take on enemies.)

The RSIG has a certain amount of leeway. Their strange behavior and often distasteful practices mean they are not exactly lauded in the Maya series. Their sharpshooters have a reputation of taking an agonizingly long time to fire, due to a sick perfectionism for headshots and killing blows.[3] In fact, some of them paint their faceplates in the likeness of "Death," like ancient warriors. Thus the leeway from POSOC and the rest of the military; who wants to get in the way of Death's duty?[4]


Possibly also named in reference to the American attack helicopter used by the United States Marine Corps. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bell_AH-1Z_Viper



ISC: Zulú-Cobra, Recon And Special Intervention Group Veteran Troop Light Infantry
Fury: Not Imeptuous Training: Regular Back-Up: Cube
4-4 14 13 11 13 1 0 1 2
Skills and Equipment: Surprise Attack(-3), Camouflage, Forward Deployment(+4"), Mimetism(-3), Stealth, Terrain(Total)
Loadout Special Skills Weapons and Equipment Melee Weapons Points SWC
1 Spitfire CC Weapon, Pistol 28 1.5
2 Triangulated Fire, Sensor Combi Rifle, Jammer Assault Pistol, CC Weapon 29 0
3 Killer Hacking Device, Hacker Breaker Combi Rifle Pistol, CC Weapon 28 0
4 Forward Observer Breaker Combi Rifle, Flash Pulse Pistol, CC Weapon 26 0
5 X Visor Shock Marksman Rifle Pistol, CC Weapon 25 0
6* Lieutenant, Triangulated Fire, Sensor Combi Rifle, Jammer Assault Pistol, CC Weapon 29 0
  • Loadout 6 is part of Varuna sectorial only


ISC: Zulu Cobra Light Infantry
Fury: Non-Impetuous Training: Regular Back-Up: Cube
4-4 14 13 11 13 1 0 1 2
Skills and Equipment: CH: Camouflage, Forward Deployment L1, Multiterrain
Name Skills and Equipment BS Weapons CC Weapons Points SWC
Sensor Sensor Combi Rifle, Jammer Knife, Assault Pistol 29 0
Lieutenant Sensor Combi Rifle, Jammer Knife, Assault Pistol 29 1/0*
Spitfire Spitfire Knife, Pistol 28 1.5
Hacker Killer Hacking Device Breaker Combi Rifle Knife, Pistol 28 0
Forward Observer Forward Observer Breaker Combi Rifle Knife, Pistol 26 0
Marksman X-Visor Shock Marksman Rifle Knife, Pistol 25 0


Current Miniatures

REF: 281208-0763

REF: 281208-0749

Old Miniatures


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  2. CoBRA stands for "Commando Battalion for Resolute Action," a group formed to perform asymmetric warfare operations against the Naxalites. The Naxalites are a group of Maoist-Communist insurgents, fighting primarily in the "Red Zone" region in the eastern, central and the southern parts of India. The Naxalites have frequently targeted police and government workers in what they say is a fight for improved land rights and more jobs for neglected agricultural laborers and the poor. If you prefer, you can imagine that it's a reference to the COBRA Unit from Metal Gear solid.
  3. This is represented by their Triangulated Fire ability.
  4. Third Offensive 61