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The outstanding success of the Sputnik series reaffirmed the confidence of the Nomad Military Force in the tactical use of Combat Remotes. However, the story of the Sputniks was not yet concluded. The distinctive modular design of these remote units gives them a wide range of room for improvement that allows them to evolve and adapt to new needs that may arise from current changing operating environments. Therefore, all the experience accumulated by the Nomad Military Force in the use of the first models of Sputniks—Tsyklon and Lunokhod—has been applied to the second generation of these tactical remotes, known as Vostok. This designation code continues the tradition of using legendary names from Russian Cosmonautics as a subtle way to prove that the main source of funding for this program is the Tunguska Struktura.[1]


The Vostok Sputnik is the first Infinity miniature to be released in injected thermoplastic resin (a polyamide), using the Siocast production process. </ref>https://youtu.be/hMPesJfxFs4?t=234</ref>

Images accompanying the announcement
Vostok WIP 01.jpg
Vostok pieces 02.jpg
Vostok plastic metal comparison 01.jpg




Vostok Dossier 01.jpg

Vostok Render 01.jpg

Current Miniatures

Vostok mini 02.jpg

Vostok Unbuilt 1.jpg
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Out of Print Miniatures

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Limited Edition

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