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The Republic of Korea Marine Corps had many years of institutional knowledge. When South Korea was absorbed into Yu Jing, the ROK Marines were reformed as the Sulyong Naval Operation Group. Small groups of naval infantry, frequently stationed on Yu Jing naval vessels. Sulyong have a particular sense of loyalty to each other, with excellent initiative and surprising flexibility.

Sulyong marines have fought from the NeoColonial Wars through to today. Their training is exceptionally rigorous, considering that they are "just" boarding action marines.

Sulyong means 'sea dragon,' but the term is not inherently tied to Korean culture or mythology; Sulyong is more of a generic word for any 'sea dragon.'

If there’s one legendary army unit in Korea’s recent military history, it’s the Korean Marine Corps. Its outstanding role in key operations during the Korean War in 1950-53, its bravery during the Vietnam War, and its resolve in the Border Conflicts of the 21st century were the foundation of its reputation, which was to be solidly established once it was incorporated into Yu Jing’s StateEmpire Army.

However times change, and with them the concept and scope of warfare itself does as well. It expands to new realms, such as aerospace combat, and so it was that the navies of the great powers moved from the seas to the darkness of the stellar void. As a result, the Korean Marines, since they are a branch of the Navy and their philosophy is to go where the enemy is, became experts in space combat and in zero-gravity operations.

This adaptation, which was more complex than it might seem, was carried out with the Korean Marines’ usual thoroughness and zeal, so that they were soon able to reach the same high standards of excellence they once achieved in amphibious operations, becoming one of the main assets of both the StateEmpire Navy and the Korean Sectorial Army.

Although new operational environments require new tactical responses, the Korean Marines succeeded in addressing these challenges. Faced with the ever-expanding setting of the entire Human Sphere, where their job to protect the interests of the StateEmpire, the Korean Marines, who were already operating as a rapid deployment force, created the Sulyong (수룡, “Sea Dragons”) Naval Operations Group, a unit made up of small, solid, highly specialized teams capable of hitting hard and carrying out special operations if necessary. Blog



ISC: Naval Operations Group Sulyong Veteran Troop Medium Infantry
Fury: Not Imeptuous Training: Regular Back-Up: Cube
4-4 17 12 11 13 3 3 1 2
Skills and Equipment: NCO, Terrain (Total), Multispectral Visor L1
Loadout Special Skills Weapons and Equipment Melee Weapons Points SWC
1 Shock Marksman Rifle Pistol, CC Weapon 28 0
2 Red Fury Pistol, CC Weapon 30 1.5
3 Forward Observer Light Shotgun (+1B), Flash Pulse, Shock Mines, D-Charges Pistol, CC Weapon 24 0
4 Paramedic Submachine Gun, MediKit Pistol, CC Weapon 23 0
5 Reinf. Shock Marksman Rifle Pistol, CC Weapon 28 0
6 Reinf. Red Fury Pistol, CC Weapon 30 1.5
7 Reinf. Forward Observer Light Shotgun (+1B), Flash Pulse, Shock Mines, D-Charges Pistol, CC Weapon 24 0
8 Reinf. Paramedic Submachine Gun, MediKit Pistol, CC Weapon 23 0


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Marksman Rifle

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