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  • == Faction Units == [[Neoterra Bolt]]
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  • ...ouch of indomitable aggression. At the end of the conflict, he returned to Neoterra where he continued polishing his military and battle programming abilities. ...ecision. De Fersen proved capable enough to take tactical command of these units, managing to the last detail the preparation and execution of missions. The
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  • ...ctical branch, they must request leave and be transferred to other regular units of the Military Complex. They cannot be reinstated into the Swiss Guard unt
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  • === Neoterra === == Faction Units ==
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  • ...eanian citizens on their pilgrimages to the sacred places of the Earth and Neoterra. The Order of Santiago, with the blessing of PanOceania and O-12, has taken ...cialized in the Human Sphere. The operational objectives of their boarding units is to assault and secure hostile vessels, both in deep space and planetary
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  • ...bery. D Block. The Tower High-Security Correctional Facility. Livingstone. Neoterra. ...ity and Intelligence departments. The operatives in our Corporate Security Units stand out for their impeccable training and record sheet. Since the use of
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  • the back of the miniatures head is the same piece the [[Neoterra Bolt | Neoterra Bolts]] use. A very handy model to have as she can proxy for many other units in the faction.
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