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  • [[File:Haqqislam logo 2020 01.png|thumb|200px|New Haqqislam logo as of 2020]] [[File:Haqqislam - Main Logo - -N3- -Vyo-.png|thumb|200px|Haqqislam's original logo, replaced in 2020]]
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  • ...ts that form the personal guard of the Hachib, Haqqislam’s Prime Minister. TAG technology is very expensive and, even though the Maghariba Guard Regiment at them. When it comes to military spending, however, Haqqislam
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  • == [[Haqqislam]] == ...m of the classical Islam, in order to adapt it to the society of its time. Haqqislam proclaims Humanism, the Search for Knowledge, and a set of Metaphysical axi
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  • ...d that she represents the [[VIP Executive]] model that is available in the Haqqislam/PanOceania [[Dire Foes]] box - Flee or Die. In this case, it represents Eduardo, Toni Macayana's personal TAG and it comes armed with a pair of brutal looking swords whereas the stock o
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  • Haqqislam army against Yu jing. A race against the clock in which the Guǐ Fēng Xi Z ...r Dire Foes miniatures: Brawlers set, Druze Shock Team, Anaconda Mercenary Tag, and Corregidor Alguaciles.
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