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  • a mechanized light infantry unit designated for advanced support. Halqa infantry know they are fortunate. ...d of impact. They also know that an armoured vehicle is an easy target for heavy enemy weapons. Once they get off the vehicle, they will have to take a stra
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  • ...ig Ghulam units would crush the enemy against the anvil made up of smaller heavy or specialists units. ...r Yu Jing, always adopts strategies based on numerical superiority. Ghulam Infantry are always ready to form a combat force as fast as possible, and to carry o
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  • {{Profile|Al Fasid Regiment|Heavy Infantry|Non-Impetuous|Regular|Cube|4-4|17|13|14|14|5|6|2|5|Fireteam: Duo, Minelayer ...y Machine Gun, Grenade Launcher, Smoke Light Grenade Launcher, Shock Mines|Heavy Pistol, CC Weapon}}
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  • ...t. Naffatûn are deployed as a light assault force, effective against other infantry forces, to open trails and clear areas of enemy presence, an operation they {{Profile|Naffatûn|Light Infantry|Non-Impetuous|Regular|Cube|4-4|14|11|11|14|1|3|1|2|Terrain (Desert)|#ffef93
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  • ...ed regiment produces the units that form the personal guard of the Hachib, Haqqislam’s Prime Minister. TAG technology is very expensive and, even though the M ...nstead, the Maghariba Guard acts as a heavy anvil against which the Ghulam Infantry crushes the enemy. This does not mean that Maghariba pilots are chosen for
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  • [[File:Haqqislam logo 2020 01.png|thumb|200px|New Haqqislam logo as of 2020]] [[File:Haqqislam - Main Logo - -N3- -Vyo-.png|thumb|200px|Haqqislam's original logo, replaced in 2020]]
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  • ...who reject the faith of their biological parents, vowing instead to defend Haqqislam’s ideals to the death. ...heir razzias. What slavers cannot sell in the private market, they sell to Haqqislam, who takes them in to save their lives and raise them into courageous warri
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  • ...te and provocative contact with the enemy. The choice of an older model of heavy armor is an intended and premeditated decision. Not only because it is a li {{Profile|Special Deterrance Group Azra'il|Heavy Infantry|Non-Impetuous|Regular|Cube|4-4|15|13|13|14|5|3|2|5|BS Attack (+1 DAM), BS A
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  • ...ibs achieve with raw combat. Hardened and dogged, they face the enemies of Haqqislam and defeat them using techniques learned on and off the battlefield. The Ha {{Profile|Hassassin Muyibs|Light Infantry|Non-Impetuous|Regular|None|4-4|18|13|11|14|2|3|1|2|Bioimmunity, Fireteam: H
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  • ...d Turbans”, was created by a group of HaqqMuztazilites thinkers to protect Haqqislam from enemies. It is a light assault troop severe and audacious, that has be {{Profile|Khawarijs|Light Infantry|Non-Impetuous|Regular|Cube|4-4|22|13|13|14|1|3|1|2|BS Attack (+1 DAM), Bioi
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  • ...them comprises the personal guard of the Shah. The remainder act as elite heavy troops and are one of the tools that keep the Hassassin sect under the supe {{Profile|Asawira Regiment|Heavy Infantry|Frenzy|Regular|Cube|6-2|23|14|14|14|4|9|2|2|Martial Arts L2, Frenzy, Berser
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  • {{Profile|Hafza Unit|Light Infantry|Non-Impetuous|Regular|Cube|4-4|14|12|10|14|2|0|1|2|Holomask|#ffef93}} {{Loadout|Heavy Rocket Launcher|17|1.5||Heavy Rocket Launcher|Assault Pistol, CC Weapon}}
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  • Haqqislam knows that no weapon is as mighty as human willpower. Tanks and battle crui {{Profile|Zhayedan Intervention Troops|Medium Infantry|Non-Impetuous|Regular|No Cube|4-4|16|12|11|14|2|3|1|2|Fireteam: Haris, Mark
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  • {{Profile|Hassassin ÃyyÄr|Heavy Infantry|Non-Impetuous|Regular|None|4-4|17|13|13|14|3|3|2|2|Holomask, Holoprojector, {{Profile|Hassassin ÃyyÄr|Heavy Infantry|Non-Impetuous|Regular|None|4-4|17|13|13|14|3|3|2|2|Holoprojector L2, Free A
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  • ...vy armored units such as Magharibas, and a welcome reinforcement for light infantry operatives. The different models of Murafeq Remotes, a name that means lite ...potential. <ref></ref>
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  • {{Profile|Sekban, Naval Special Unit|Medium Infantry|Non-Impetuous|Regular|Cube|4-4|17|13|11|14|3|3|1|2|360 Visor, Fireteam: Duo {{Loadout|Heavy Rocket Launcher|21|1.5||Heavy Rocket Launcher, Chain-colt (+1B)|Pistol, CC Weapon}}
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  • ...pover on the way to the Jump Gates in the Bourak system. Djanbazans defend Haqqislam’s entry and exit points with the mission of safeguarding all stages of th {{Profile|Djanbazan Tactical Group|Medium Infantry|Non-Impetuous|Regular|Cube|4-4|14|12|11|14|3|0|1|2|Multispectral Visor L2,
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  • ...s rich, and possesses some influence and political power in PanOceania and Haqqislam. However, they’re still an enigma, because their religion and organizatio {{Profile|Druze Shock Teams|Medium Infantry|Non-Impetuous|Regular|Cube|4-4|16|12|11|13|3|3|1|2|X-Visor, BS Attack (+1 D
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  • {{Profile|Hassassin Govads|Light Infantry|Non-Impetuous|Regular|Cube|4-4|14|12|11|14|2|3|1|2|Multispectral Visor L1, {{Loadout|HMG|29|1.5||Heavy Machine Gun|Breaker Pistol, CC Weapon}}
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