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  • ...SAS (Special Ariadna Service) takes care of forward reconnaissance for the Caledonian Highlander Force. ...ion” operations. They are tasked with advanced reconnaissance for both the Caledonian Highlander Army and Kosmoflot. <ref>
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  • === Caledonian Highlander Army === [[File:Ariadna - Sectorial - Caledonian Highlander Army v2 - -N3- -Vyo-.png|thumb|200px]]
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  • ...peditionary Corps destined for Paradiso and also one of the first Ariadnan units destined to go beyond the Dawn system. ...mandos along with the most modern battle techniques, a promise of what the Caledonian and Ariadnan armies could be in the future.
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  • ...hose with weaker bonds to their clans, or those assigned to Ariadnan joint units headed to Paradiso, to kill or die on a faraway planet against an alien foe ...maintain a loose military chain of command. Compared with other mercenary units, this results in a degree of structural and strategic flexibility that suit
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