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  • [[File:Aleph - Main Logo - -N3- -Vyo-.png|thumb|200px]] the data networks and technological systems of the entire Human Sphere. ALEPH is humanity’s great ally, and without it, intergalactic socio-political a
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  • ...easy transfer. The very first patches were ones for the six main factions (Aleph and Tohaa not yet existing) as at October 2008.[ ...ction or sectorial logos with rarer patches depicting logos for individual units, non-military organisations, status markers or commemorative designs.
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  • ...etrods ensures that Section units will not suffer any loss of contact with ALEPH for any reason. [[File:Aleph - Netrods - -N3- -Vyo-.png|200px]]
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  • ...ding on their specific commission, a High Functionary could be assigned by ALEPH to liaise with a government agency, take on an advisory position at an NGO, ...eir position, all High Functionaries share the same directive: to work for ALEPH and for the advancement and well-being of the Human Sphere.
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  • ...ituations Section likes to deploy large numbers of these little autonomous units on the battlefield. They are like a tiny plague, spreading chaos and confus ...fensive-defensive artillery Rebots. The mobile artillery platforms used by ALEPH are based on the standard Rebot model, equipped with smart missile systems
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  • ...basic element of a combat force is somewhat surprising, it is supported by ALEPH’s access to advanced state-of-the-art technologies. ...efficient and unstoppable force. This is why the combat remote soldiers of ALEPH were named after the Dakinis, the powerful and fierce servants of the godde
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  • ...Vedic hymns, Deva is an ambiguous term, denoting both gods and demons. To ALEPH, Devas are the core of its immune system. ...stand always out from the command line. The Devas fit into their assigned units to act as liaisons, field advisors and, if necessary, a combat support forc
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  • ...ent PanOceanian Mulebot models as multifunctional and semi-autonomous land units. The need to develop its own model soon became apparent however; a model th ...erstood to be the first step in a new generation of multifunctional remote units. Possibilities for improving this Remote model are such that its own design
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  • ...otect team is the basic support element for the tactical special forces of ALEPH. To be able to carry out their duties, they are equipped with an expensive [[File:Aleph - Sophotects - -N3- -Vyo-.png|200px]]
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  • angel, ALEPH. Regardless of former allegiances, we take our appointed as the self-appointed supervisory body that oversees ALEPH.
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  • ...ts, communications, intelligence, information, sensors, and reconnaissance units. In fact, to the instructors, the terms cyber-warfare and electronic warfar ...the fact that, in machine time, to fight and survive for a minute against ALEPH’s operators automatically turns you into a skilled veteran.
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  • units under his command too far, often putting them in "all or nothing" [[File:Aleph - Chandra Sergeant Thrasymedes - -Alt- -Vyo-.png|200px]]
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  • Asuras are ALEPH’s elite, some of the finest Heavy Infantry in the Sphere. They use modifi ...ection are first rate storm troops. They can work individually or in small units to assault and destroy enemy positions, act as armed escorts in high confli
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  • ...f the Sphere. More than anything else, they reject the influence of the AI ALEPH, which they consider the ultimate expression of submission to The Establish ...nd excellent equipment, particularly with regard to its special operations units, reviled and admired by the militaries of every other nation in the Sphere.
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  • ...erving Haqqislam, people seem to have forgotten that Saladin was loaned by ALEPH via O-12 to the Bourak authorities. The Recreation was the liaison officer ...erving Haqqislam, people seem to have forgotten that Saladin was loaned by ALEPH via O-12 to the Bourak authorities.
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  • Pioneering space exploration and the development of the ai aleph, PanOceania was able to harness its technology to gain an edge over other p ...their involvement in the Resurrection system and the invaluable support of ALEPH. Of all of the religious organizations, the Church, already unified to face
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  • ...hose with weaker bonds to their clans, or those assigned to Ariadnan joint units headed to Paradiso, to kill or die on a faraway planet against an alien foe ...maintain a loose military chain of command. Compared with other mercenary units, this results in a degree of structural and strategic flexibility that suit
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  • ...r book you will find more background information, a new faction for the AI Aleph, new troops for all armies and new rules, special skills, equipment and wea ...of complete and expanded Sectorial Armies, including the Steel Phalanx of ALEPH and the Tohaa army list. Human Sphere brings a new dimension to Infinity N3
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  • A very handy model to have as she can proxy for many other units in the faction. '''General Release Version:''' Riding an Aleph bike with an alternate leg and armed with a PanOceanic Boarding Shotgun.
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