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It was a clean shot between the eyes that put an end to President Sanjay Rajkumar’s life. A clean shot—and the nanovirus that came with the bullet, which corrupted all of his Cube’s connections. Such was the unforeseen end of the tyrant’s reign of terror. Nobody expected someone to dare a hit against the President, maybe one of the most paranoid men in the Human Sphere. Security around him was the highest level, and any assassin knew their lives were forfeit whether they succeeded or not. Nevertheless, though Richard Quinn wasn’t the Hexahedron’s best shooter, he was probably the only one with a chance to escape with his life from the deathtrap that the Kairo-Bradley orbital-factory had become after the hit. Quinn had served with a Varunan Fusiliers Regiment and his outstanding skills soon got him a position with Blue Sea, the counter-terrorist elite program from that planet. But the talent scouts of the Special Operations Command, constantly alert, managed to take him to the Hexahedron with the promise of making him one of the selected few who shape human history and a defender of PanOceanian interests and citizens across the Human Sphere. Quinn was eager, very eager, and that is attested to in his record with multiple strung-together missions and piled up commendations. But service with the Indigo has its toll, and after many years and all he has seen and done, Quinn’s idealism is as dead as President Sanjay Rajkumar. This veteran Indigo operative harbors no illusions about his job: he knows that what he’s really defending are his country’s interests, interests that, more often than not, are the industry’s, and not those of his countrymen. But in order to preserve the PanOceanian way of life, the nation must remain strong. And if that means he must end the life of a petty dictator who’s been oppressing the worker-citizens of a tiny independent orbital-factory, then all the better. Even if a little voice in his head keeps reminding him that the only difference between President Sanjay Rajkumar and his replacement, the leader of the opposition, Karun Millet, is the better disposition of the latter towards PanOceanian interests, those that Quinn has sworn to defend. Right now, he mustn’t think about that and focus on making his way through the very disappointed and angry security forces of the deceased president, Sanjay Rajkumar, who have turned the Kairo-Bradley orbital-factory into a dead end, which is just another mission end like any other for Richard Quinn.

Published January 1, 2020



ISC: Fusilier Indigo Richard Quinn Character Light Infantry
Fury: Not Imeptuous Training: Regular Back-Up: Cube
4-4 13 13 10 13 2 3 1 2
Skills and Equipment: Multispectral Visor L1, Forward Observer
Loadout Special Skills Weapons and Equipment Melee Weapons Points SWC
1 Shock Marksman Rifle, Flash Pulse Breaker Pistol (+1B), CC Weapon 24 0
2 Reinf. Shock Marksman Rifle, Flash Pulse Breaker Pistol (+1B), CC Weapon 24 0


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