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Rahman Rouhani is a deeply loyal and committed Haqqislamite doctor, good-mannered and with a great work ethic, who will not hesitate to risk his life for that of his fellow soldiers or that of any civilian.


Among Haqqislamites there is a separate breed made up of the descendants of the NASA members who joined Haqqislam in its early days when this movement first appeared as the savior of the agency, hiring personnel and buying equipment for its exodus to Bourak. This is a population group without a defined ethnicity that, with the passing of generations, have even lost their surnames of North American origin, but that do not forget their roots, displaying them proudly in the halo of their comlogs and sharing a common idiosyncrasy. Heirs of the dream of the stars, all of them live in space, or are engaged in work related to space research or navigation.

This is the case of Rahman Rouhani, who can trace his genealogy back to Jody Bowles, who was the Transorbital Operations Supervisor at the now-lost Ellen Ochoa Station in Jovian orbit. Like his parents, Rahman was born aboard a ship engaged in Silk trade and spent most of his life in caravanserais and orbital stations, his time as a student at the University of Medina being his longest stay in a gravity well. Young Rahman was not interested in rocket physics or astronomy, but his altruistic nature led him to the Faculty of Medicine, thanks to the scholarship program that the Diwân of Culture grants to Haqqislamite citizens who want to pursue a higher education at an upscale university but cannot afford it. Rouhani completed his residency at the military hospital of Gelismek Station, located at the orbital end of the Dar el Fundug Space Elevator. After this, he served as staff physician on a patrol ship posted near the Jump Gate connecting the Fareedat system and Paradiso, where he was involved, to his chagrin, in numerous anti-piracy operations.

Rouhani considers himself a

doctor rather than a soldier, and as such, he only wields a weapon to protect the lives of civilians or his fellow soldiers, but he is not a man who likes action. Nevertheless, and to his dismay, his vocation as a healer and protector and his sense of duty continually impel him to volunteeroperations that he later always regrets. This is how he ended up becoming a specialist doctor with a rapid response unit of the Ramah Taskforce, because it was "a way to help those in need." Unfortunately for him, this has only increased his stress level and the number of operations he has to carry out on planet surfaces, so it isn't surprising that sometimes he's a little cranky. Nevertheless, even by Haggislamite standards Rouhani is a deeply loyal and committed man, good-mannered and with a great work ethic, who will not hesitate to risk his life for that of his fellow soldiers or that of any civilian, though always wearing an expression on his face that says: "am a doctor, I should not be here" Therefore, it's not surprisingthat hes always applying for a transferto a naval medical officer position, hoping to retune those stars to which he belongs as an heir to the best tradition of NASA



ISC: Medical Specialist Rahman Rouhani Character Light Infantry
Fury: Not Imeptuous Training: Regular Back-Up: Cube
4-4 15 11 11 15 1 6 1 2
Skills and Equipment: MediKit, Courage, Doctor(+3), No Wound Incapacitation
Loadout Special Skills Weapons and Equipment Melee Weapons Points SWC
1 Submachine Gun, Flash Pulse Pistol, CC Weapon 21 0
2 Reinf. Submachine Gun, Flash Pulse Pistol, CC Weapon 21 0


Rouhani July 2022

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Rouhani from Dire foes Delta
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Originally submitted by Cervantes3773

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