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Pulpi is an octopus and one of the mascots of Corvus Belli and the Interplanetario.


Pulpi has no official profiles in any Corvus Belli game. The 2020 Interplanetario miniatures were advertised to have profiles for all Corvus Belli games (Infinity, Aristeia, Defiance). As the event was cancelled and the minis were never released, it remains to be seen if they will be released at a future date.

None at this time.


2017 Pulpi

2017 Pulpi Render.jpg

2019 Pulpi Bundle

2019 Pulpi Bundle Ad 01.jpg

2019 Pulpi Bundle Render 01.jpg

2019 Fullmetal Pulpi

Fullmetal Pulpi Render 01.jpg

Current Miniatures

None at this time.

Out of Print Miniatures

None at this time.

Limited Edition

Since 2017, some sort of limited edition Pulpi has been released (given to participants or sold) at the Interplanetario.

Pulpi with 3 pigs (2017)

The Interplanetario's mascot, on a keg of Pulpibeer, packed with three little pigs (same as the one included in the general release Dragon Lady HVT).

Pulpi trophy.jpg
Originally submitted by Phlyk.

Pulpi | Pulpi Joan (2019)

An alternate version of a limited edition Joan of Arc (Mobility Armor) (PV32).

Pulpi Joan 01.JPG
Pulpi Joan 02.JPG
Originally submitted by IJW.

Pulpi | Pulpi Scarface (2019)

An alternate version of the ITS Season 8: TAGLINE Joe "Scarface" Turner prize mini.

Pulpi Scarface 01.JPG
Pulpi Scarface 02.JPG
Originally submitted by IJW.

Pulpi | Pulpi Authorized Bounty Hunter (2019)

An alternate version of the 2014 ITS Authorized Bounty Hunter prize mini.

Pulpi ABH 01.JPG
Pulpi ABH 02.JPG
Originally submitted by IJW.

Pulpi Fullmetal Kozmo (2019)

An alternate part for Kozmo's skin. Available as a complete model or as just the alternate part.


These three miniatures were to be released at the 2020 Interplanetario, which was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

2020 Pulpis 01.jpg

Speculo Pulpicycle

Pulpidoza "Sacred Flame of Ink"