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I just have to attract them like moths into my light.

Prysm is a wonderful athlete who arrives in Aristeia! defending the colors of Ypsilon. Nothing and nobody seems to be able to tear down her iron will on her way to excellence.[1]

PRYSM | The excellence light

Priscilla was born twenty-six years ago in the planet of Svalarheima, PanOceania; and it could be said that with barely a year of life, she didn’t learn how to walk: she just ran. Competition is an intrinsic component of her DNA and the need to improve has been the rudder that has guided her with firm direction until the present. Now she has joined the exclusive group of elite athletes who fight in Aristeia!

Since her adolescence, she was a champion of athletics at a local, state and interplanetary level. Unfortunately, she couldn’t compete in the senior category outside Svalarheima, due to lack of sponsorship. This stopped her aspirations as a sports professional. However, that wasn’t a problem to continue chasing the dream for the tenacious Priscilla, but an obstacle to climb.

After two years of hard training in the mountains of Arkhangel SK, where she took her physicality to new limits, she began to successfully compete all extreme endurance events, such as the Iron Man Odin Hills or the Trollhätan X-Trials, mandatory stages of the well-known Endurance circuit that crowns the most complete athletes of Svalarheima. Some of these tests rewarded physical contact between their participants, so Priscilla was adding various disciplines of martial arts to her daily work routine.

She was the best. She had no rival on the planet, but she still felt empty, needing of a new challenge to test her limits. Then, the mega corporation Ypsilon made public on Maya that they would be conducting selection tests for their new champion in Aristeia!

From that moment, to reach the glory in the greatest sporting spectacle of the Human Sphere became her new obsession.

She went to the delegation for Svalarheima, along with hundreds of thousands more prospective competitors. As a professional athlete with proven experience in the Endurance circuit, she passed the first two filters automatically as a seed. From there, the hard work began: The first tests consisted of physical and psychiatric competitions, where only candidates with minimal marks or a certain profile were admitted.

After the first four screens, all the candidates were transferred to the famous Omadon Arena, which was rented to develop to the unequivocal standards of an Aristeia! stadium. She faced the survivors in teams with physical contact games that heated up as the playoffs progressed. Each step in the rise to glory was harder than the previous one, and the great teams were full of aspiring novices that became professionals like her. This test even involved aristos coming from the bloody Aristeia! Underground.

Priscilla triumphed by demonstrating a high capacity for physical and mental endurance, just as her hosts had planned. She adopted the nickname of Prysm and entered the pantheon of Aristeia! with the firm intention of snatching the title of Bahadur from Wild Bill. If she succeeds, she had a clause in the contract signed with Ypsilon that would allow her to obtain a high performance Lhost (LiveHost): an enhanced biosynthetic body to implant her memories and personality, stored in her Cube. Just one more step to immortality.[2]

Prysm has worked very hard to be where she is now. She is an innate athlete and competition is part of her DNA. Her whole life has been dedicated to improving every cell in her body based on a rigorous and tenacious training. Under the sponsorship of the mega company Ypsilon, her physical prowess will be put to the test in the HexaDome. She won’t give up, and she will fight to the end for the title of Bahadur.[3]

Prysm Crimsom Ice is the name of one of the mythical swords forged at the dawn of time to fight the evil that came from the sky.

In the distant mountains of the East, considered the titanic sleeping bodies of the dwarf gods, the dwarfs themselves carved the sword from a drop of the blood of their gods, a unique piece of icorite, a crimson crystal, adamantine, cold as the ice and imbued with raw and elementary power.

The enormous greatsword slained the Enemy in the infamous Battle of the Two Suns, while breaking the blade, nicked a dozen times by the blows of the Enemy. At that moment the enormous energy contained in the powerful artifact was released instantly transforming its bearer and all life form in miles around.

Since then, Prysm has remained in the place for centuries without being able to be wielded again by any living being, at the risk of crystallizing. At least until Priscilla, lady of the Frost Marks, called by the sword's own voice, has wielded her, becoming a vague crystalline being endowed with the power of the sword and the determination of the woman with the task of finding the enemy and killing him, because the Enemy has returned…

Excerpt from the writers' Pitch for the character of Prysm in the season of AGL Fantasy Medley 2.[4]


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Prysm "Crimson Ice"

Prysm Crinsom Ice is the name of one of the mythical swords forged at the dawn of time to fight the evil that came from the sky.[5]

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