Pneumarch of the Ur Hegemony

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The Pneumarch (Greek for “Ruler of spirits”) are biosynthetic bodies specially developed to host an Aspect of the EI not conceived to engage in direct combat, but possessing enhanced communication implants, improved data access, and information managing capabilities. These field husks are frequently used to perform command and control duties as well as diplomatic tasks.

Whenever the EI needs physical presence that is less menacing and imposing than the Avatar, or is non-combat-oriented, it opts to use a creation dubbed the Pneumarch. The Pneumarchs are, in essence, empty goblets into which the will of the EI is poured, filling it with semi-divine conscience. They are employed whenever and wherever they are needed. Due to some quirks in design or nostalgic preference, the Pneumarchs are created in the image of the original Ur Rationalist people, recreating them in an idealised form, of course. Tall and imposing, these Husks are equipped with the latest developments in communication, data management, and information storing capacities. The EI employs the Pneumarchs as command elements, similar to the other constructs, but also as diplomats, envoys, counsellors, and advisors to its myriad of species scattered across the galaxy. [1]


"I am the embodiment of the EI. We are going to reset your society. You know it doesn't work anymore. But now the destruction is over. Welcome to the Ur Hegemony." -Pneumarch of the EI during the assimilation of the Kat'ari Technoculture[2]


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