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Midnight Sun is but one of the many intelligence analysis teams employed by Black Hand. This shadowy organization opts for the application of Darwinian principles to its analysts in order to maximize the reliability of their output. Black Hand working groups are encouraged to compete against each other for the biggest output of relevant information leading to the resolution of a case or contingency.

The full data stream is tapped by every analysis team, but any given snippet is comprehensibly tagged with source and usage history, ensuring equitable performance assessment. With this system in place, different teams and departments are free to share their findings without compromising the environment of competition fostered by Black Hand. With Carlos Hornoy at the helm, Midnight Sun is one of the most fecund intel analysis teams in the Black Hand retinue, and perhaps the most successful of its kind in recent memory.[1]

Known Midnight Sun Members

  • Carlos Hornoy, writer of the Narrative Guide to Events in the N4 Core Book

None at this time.


Current Miniatures

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Out of Print Miniatures

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